We, at TREA, realise that while we may be a printing company for customised products, this subject may still be very new for some people who are coming across it for the first time. Our blog articles represent our thoughts and opinions on what we feel can help readers make easier choices while deciding on products to purchase. After all, customised products come in many forms, shape and sizes.

They can range from t shirts, bags and pouches to corporate and promotional gifts. The goals and objectives for each product are also different and dependent on an individual. As such, the process of looking for an ideal product may end up taking more time than expected. Nevertheless, TREA aims to be your guide with these insightful articles that will make you shop with ease and a peace of mind!

8 Customisable Lunch Boxes That Says About You!

When it comes to lunch boxes, it all boils down to priorities. Are you the kind who wants a fanciful feast of protein, veggies and even dessert all laid out in front of you? Or due to space constrain, you need one that is sleek and can fit into your bag? Take a look at these various lunch boxes that might speak to your heart!

8 Best Customised Travel Corporate Gifts For Your Clients

Having to source for themed corporate gifts for your clients or business partners will be an easy task at TREA! No more worries about having your corporate gift wasted and thrown in the bin with this list of 8 Best Customised Travel Corporate Gifts!

Top 7 Corporate Gifts to Show Appreciation To Your Employees!

It is great if you love your job, what it is even greater if you love the people that you work with! This is the time to show appreciation to those who had your back during the good and bad times in the office!

10 Best Custom Gift for Teachers’ Day

There are many gifts out there that you might deem appropriate for the teachers, however, are those things that they really want? Whether it is a personalised gift for your favourite teacher or a customised gift to express your gratitude, we have it all under wraps!

7 Unique Ways to Customise A Canvas Bag Corporate Gift

Does your canvas bag serve as a daily carry all and holds important memories to you? Canvas bags have become an important accessory to our daily carryall. Chosen because they are highly functional and versatile, carried whether you are dressed up or dressed down.

Dri Fit T Shirt Printing – All You Need To Know About Them in Singapore

T shirt printing in Singapore has now become a very popular way of identity representation. You see them everywhere on the streets, distinguishable by…

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts – How Relevant Are They Now?

Seasoned business owners will agree that corporate gift giving is important no matter which sector you may be in. They can help you build your brand…

Why Are Non Woven Bags Good Promotional Tools

With an arsenal of promotional products currently in the market, it is difficult to pinpoint which is the best. However, while certain products are…

What Is the Difference Between Corporate and Promotional Gifts

In business regimes, gifts are an exceptional way to help your clients, employees and the public perceive your brand positively.

What to Consider When Giving Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Corporate gifts in Singapore play a crucial role in promoting your brand. They are critical tools in the marketing communication blend.

Which Custom T Shirt Printing Method is Right for You

There are various methods that you can use to print a custom t shirt. Choosing the right printing method to custom print your intended design…

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift for your Client

There is no doubt that a customised corporate gift can increase the competitive advantage of your business. You can use rewards to…

How Custom T Shirts Can Promote Your Brand Image

A successful business marketing strategy encompasses both online and offline strategies. Consumers are the lifeblood of every business…

How Much Should You Spend on Corporate Gifts In Singapore

It is no secret that corporate gifts in Singapore can make a significant impact on your valued clients and employees. Both of them can serve as…

How to Make A Good Custom T Shirt Design

T shirt design is becoming a very famous outlet for creatives. It is what differentiates your brand and make you stand out from your competitors.

The Difference Between Woven and Non Woven Bags

With the global fight against the use of plastic bags, commonly known as paper bags, people are starting to look at plastic bags alternatives.

Non Woven Bags vs Plastic Bags

Throughout the years, there have been numerous discussions as people attempt to find out which is better between the non-woven bags and plastic bags.

5 Creative Customised Canvas Tote Bag Ideas

Ever since the benefits of custom t shirts have been discovered, there has been a monumental increase in t shirt printing in Singapore.

Where To Find Cheap T Shirt Printing In Singapore

Ever since the benefits of custom t shirts have been discovered, there has been a monumental increase in t shirt printing in Singapore.

What Is The Best Printing Method For Full Color Designs On T Shirts

The importance of corporate gift giving is no longer a secret to companies who strive on building relationships for business purposes.

How To Find A Trustable Corporate Gift Printing Company in Singapore

The importance of corporate gift giving is no longer a secret to companies who strive on building relationships for business purposes.

5 Things You Should Know About Custom T shirt Printing in Singapore

T shirts are a must-have in every wardrobe. They are the default form of clothing that you see daily when you stroll down the streets of Singapore.

Possible To Print a T shirt For Less Than $10?

Corporates order custom t shirts for countless reasons. From company promotions to fundraising, conference, events, team building and advertising their brand.

How Do Corporate Gifts Promote Employer Branding In Singapore

While most companies focus on consumer-based branding — how a business is perceived by customers and stakeholders — employer branding is equally important.

5 Best Custom Electronic Gadgets Corporate Gifts to Retain Clients

Customised corporate gifts are tremendously crucial for every business today. They can increase brand awareness and create strong and long-lasting relationships with…

5 Top Personalised Promotional Gifts to Strike a Conversation

Gift giving is an ancient trend which has today penetrated in the modern corporate world. Besides being used in spreading out a message and loyalty to existing clients…

5 Best Corporate Gifts to Print for Your Clients in 2019

It is the New Year 2019 and what better way to kick off your business year by planning ahead with new and innovative corporate gifts for your clients.

5 Ways To Custom DIY Tote Bag At Home

Nothing beats being able to make your very own customised tote bag at home. Tote bags have always been at the helm when it comes to affordable stylish bags.

How To Start A T Shirt Printing Business In Singapore

T shirts are an essential part of our wardrobes no matter where we live at. In the eyes of entrepreneurs, this particular product checks all the right boxes.

5 Customised Corporate Gifts That Make Your Clients Remember You

It is no secret that customised corporate gifts are an important part of businesses today. No matter the size of your company, corporate gift giving is a common practice…

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing – How These T Shirt Printing Methods Differ?

Technology has developed tremendously over the past years. Things that were impossible to do before are now easily achievable without too much hassle.

T Shirt Printing As A Marketing Tool In Singapore

T shirt printing services have been around for a very long time in Singapore. Its industry is probably one of the longest serving to exist and continues to expand up till today.

Top 3 T Shirts Printing Options For Companies In Singapore

Custom T shirts printing is the most common choice of marketing merchandise in Singapore.

10 Eco Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

Corporate gifts in Singapore are an essential way of networking with other businesses, building excellent relationships with customers..

10 Popular Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

Gift giving has today become a very popular way of establishing a thriving relationship…