Custom Drawstring Backpack Printing

Whether it be for work, school or leisure. Drawstring Bags Printing will never run out of style. Apart from being a fashion statement, they are very functional products. We offer a wide selection of Custom Drawstring Bags made from unique materials such as canvas, nylon and polyester. All of these have their own unique characteristics which we will further discuss below.

We also provide full customisation services for Drawstring Bags Printing according to your preferred size, printing and material. Additional features such as a zip compartment, short handle and eyelet reinforcing can be requested to enhance the quality of your personalised drawstring backpack. Check out our extensive range of drawstring bag supplies and get your orders today. MOQ applies.

What Is The Best Drawstring Bag For Printing In Singapore

Canvas Drawstring Backpack

As you would already know, the canvas bags has long been known to be strong, durable and recyclable. Canvas Drawstring Backpacks can carry a huge amount of weight and can be used to hold just about anything. You can use them when you go to school, to work or even for casual outing. Canvas is a versatile fabric material. As such, they react well with all 3 printing methods that TREA provides – heat transfer, silk screen and direct to garment printing. Full surface printing and embroidery options are also available to custom canvas drawstring backpack.

canvas drawstring backpack

210D Polyester Drawstring Backpack

The 210D Polyester Drawstring Backpack is cheap, lightweight and splash proof. Since it is lightweight and splash proof, polyester drawstring backpack will not hinder users’ movement. It is suitable to use for one day outdoor activities such as a marathon backpack or family day event bag. Additionally, it is also suitable as a drawstring bags printing in Singapore with its frequent wet weather conditions. We have a drawstring backpack that is being enhanced with a headset port, additional compartment and additional zipper opening. The additional zipper opening makes user reach out to their items in the bag without opening up the drawstring closure. What makes the custom polyester drawstring bag a popular option is its low cost. This makes bulk orders a lot easier to manage. However, these bags are not likely to last after multiple usage or when carrying heavier weights. To custom print this polyester drawstring backpack, only silk screen printing or heat transfer printing is suitable. The polyester drawstring bag would be the most economical option to customise especially for a large scale outdoor activities.

custom polyester drawstring bag

600D Nylon Drawstring Backpack

The 600D Nylon drawstring backpack is a nice upgrade from the previous drawstring bag model. This drawstring backpack uses a material that is a lot thicker yet does not cost a whole lot more. The nylon drawstring straps that come with it are also thicker. So they do not hurt your shoulders when you are carrying heavy weight items in this backpack. The honeycomb design textured patterns on the backpack, while being a unique selling point, may also be its weakest point. Silk screen printing may turn out to be disruptive due to the prominent textured pattern surface area. Heat transfer printing would be the most applicable option however with a higher cost. This nylon drawstring backpack would be a better quality choice to print for your outdoor event. As it can withstand heavier weight, with stronger splash proof function and looks more classy overall.

polyester bag

Premium Polyester Nylon Drawstring Backpack

The cream of the crop, the Premium Polyester Nylon Drawstring Backpack is second to none. This premium drawstring backpack has got it all. It has an inner polyester lining that provides extra protection for wet weather. The inner zip compartment is a bonus to keep more personal items such as keys, handphones and wallets. This is useful for more vigorous sports and leaves its end user with a peace of mind when carrying it. You will also be able to select from a wide range of colours to match your corporate logo to build a strong brand identity. The thick nylon drawstring straps provides additional shoulder support. Like the 600D Nylon Drawstring Backpack, this model also has a design textured pattern on its surface which does not work well with silk screen printing. Therefore, heat transfer printing is the preferred printing method to print on the unique fabric texture. If you are looking at printing a premium nylon drawstring backpack as a corporate gift, this is the one!

nylon drawstring bags