Custom Caps, Hats & Headbands Printing

We are firm believers that products should not only look good but they should also serve a full purpose. Customised cap, hats and headbands are such products. At TREA, we offer a wide range of caps such as our best-selling cotton cap, snapbacks, bucket hats, duo tone and sun visor caps. On top of that, we also carry running headbands. Each of them have their unique qualities and are able to cater to your event requirements. You can customise these headwear with embroidery, silkscreen and heat transfer printing.


You only require a MOQ of 10pc fon our best-selling cotton cap. Caps & Hats fabric colours can also be customised with a MOQ of only 100 pcs. Contact us for quote today!

Customise Cap & Hat in Singapore – Pick The Right Cap


The popularity of customised cap and hat has seen a steady increase in recent years. They shield your face from the sun while looking undeniably fashionable. They are useful corporate gifts in Singapore that are frequently use for at company outdoor or sporting events. From classic snapback caps to hip hop inspired bucket hats, TREA’s timeless selection is here once again to offer you choices like none other. Here are some of the tips to choose the right cap to print:

Fabric Material Of The Cap

Amongst TREA’s caps selection, the custom cotton caps stand out as being the most popular due to their high quality. We are also able to customise different materials like polyester, mesh or plastic. These materials are more suited for outdoor activities as they support breathability. Plastic visor hat are waterproof and able to block off sunlight. Polyester caps are lighter in weight which could support high intensity activities. Cotton cap on the other hand, as a more sturdy shape, is more lasting and fashionable. Thus, they are able to match any outfit as a fashion accessory. Material of a custom cap plays a huge part especially in bringing comfortability to the user.

dual color cap printing

Cap Structure And Design

Baseball cap design models have always been the most timeless and stylish option. The other designs in TREA’s selection include hip hop caps, sun visor hat and bucket hats. To differentiate between hip hop caps and baseball caps, you may look at the bill of the cap. Hip hop caps are generally more edgy in shape and has a straight bill. Baseball caps has a more fitting shape and has a curve bill. Usually the later is being customised more often as it gives off professionalism more than hip hop caps.

Furthermore you are able to customise the number of panels you would like on the cap between 5 or 6. As well as to custom different panel colours within the cap. All the cap and hats models are ‘one size fits all’ with the option to decide which adjustable strap you prefer. There are 3 available strap options for you to custom on the caps – buckle & clip, snapback and velcro strap. Therefore you can always consult us on which cap structure and design would best suit the objectives and art direction of your corporate events.

dual color cap printing

Uses For Right Occasions

The functionality of a cap is to protect your scalp and shield your face from rain or shine. As such, there are many occasions for which custom caps and hats are being used. Conventionally, they are used for outdoor or sports events such as company excursions and marathons. However, times have evolved and there are more people looking to buy caps for aesthetic purposes. Such groups are hip hop dance crews who are looking for team props or graduated classes looking for memorabilia.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for caps to be printed for outdoors usage, polyester would be the way to go. The lighter material and breathability ranks it above the other fabrics for outdoor activities. Plastic sun visors hat are also recommended for the purpose of protecting your eyes. It is less stuffy as it is open at the top, making them ideal for sports. Last but not least, custom cotton caps with embroidery are excellent for corporate gifts in Singapore during company events. They come off as being formal, useful and thoughtful gifts.

cap printing

Printing And Embroidery

The available print methods for caps and hats are silk screen, heat transfer printing and embroidery. There are many ideas of how you can custom cap with different printing on different position of the cap. You can print on either the crown at the front or anywhere on the side panels.

If you are looking at cap embroidery service with your company logo, cotton caps would be the best option. Logo will usually look best with embroidery and at TREA we can do caps embroidery in Singapore with low quantity. For sports or teamwear, you can personalise the caps by custom printing your name and number onto it. This customization can be done with heat transfer printing and suitable for any caps material. For other material such as plastic sun visor, a simple silk screen printing will do the job well. There are absolutely no limitations on how to customise your own cap or hat.

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