Custom Eco Friendly Gifts

TREA provides customisation and printing services for our range of eco friendly gifts. Our products range from wheat cutlery to eco friendly notebooks and memo pads. These products are made from recyclable materials. The notebooks and memo pad are made from kraft paper; a recyclable material. Each cover design has different colours for you to choose the most similar to your company.

Using various custom printing methods, you will be able to print your brand logo on these gifts. Moreover, these customised corporate gifts show your clients that you care for the environment. Eco friendly gifts are a good way to leave an impression to your clients. We can also source for unique products that are not in our catalogue. Contact us today for a comprehensive customisation service!

eco friendly gifts

Why Choose Eco Friendly Gifts Printing?

There is no argument as to what corporate gift givingcan bring to your company no matter which sector you may be in. They help you build your brand recognition while concurrently nurturing existing or prospecting relationships with your clients. Eco friendly corporate gifts, a subset of this category have become increasingly popular. Here is why.

An Ethical Brand Image

Eco friendly corporate gifts are a responsible and ethical option when it comes to corporate gift giving. By choosing to buy eco friendly products, you are supporting the cause for saving the environment. From a business prospective, eco friendly businesses are rising in demand. This number is set to increase as our awareness for the environment becomes higher with each passing day.

Giving out eco friendly promotional products at public roadshows or events helps your business appeal to a wider range of people. This appeals to those who are concerned about the environmental impact over the products they use. Therefore, someone who might be put off by a regular notepad, will be impressed by one made from recycled paper.

In the event where your customers are not environmentally conscious, most people associate a sustainable business with one that is generally more socially and ethically conscious. As such, your company will be perceived as one that goes the extra mile to make a difference.

custom eco friendly gifts

They Cost the Same as Non-Eco Friendly Gifts

There is a perception that eco friendly customised corporate gifts cost more in comparison with their regular counterparts. However, this is not often the case. An eco friendly product works out cheaper or the same as a similar item. This means that you are essentially paying for a product with the same functions but with far more value. Considering this and all the other benefits that eco friendly promotional products can bring, there is really no reason not to choose them.

It will not be long before eco friendly corporate gifts become a norm in the world of corporate gifts. Until that happens, you can take advantage of the existing situation. And by the looks of it, you are now standing at a win-win position.