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T shirt printing in Singapore or putting on a custom t shirt is surely something that all Singaporeans will experience. T shirts are one of the most common merchandises in terms of custom and personalised printing. We provide a wide variety of t shirts materials that include cotton, microfibre or polyester for dri fit t shirt printing, and oxford for formal button shirt. As well as different apparel style such as polo shirt, mandarin collar polo, V neck tshirt, ladies cutting, kids t shirts, singlet, jackets, hoodies and windbreaker. All our apparel material and style are curated to suit Singapore’s weather and culture which is suitable to be customisable by any industry.

Custom t shirts in Singapore have become one of the must-have custom corporate merchandise to enhance brand identity. T-shirt or apparel printed with company logo are commonly seen wearing as a uniform in retail shop, corporate offices team wear as well as during events. Additionally, the affordable cost makes it perfect for giveaways which is proving to be a trend nowadays. All in all, the use of custom t shirts is becoming a much more common sight in our sunny island.

10 Types of T shirts and Apparel You Can Customise!

Here is a quick glance of the 10 type of categorised apparel you can pick to be customised! Do click in to check out the different models available for each category. You will be spoilt for choices!

5 Types of T Shirt Printing Methods!

We understand the importance to apply the correct print method in order to make your logo standout from your apparel. And most important to still work within your budget. Here at TREA, it is our job to advice the best print method to print your t shirt based on your logo, design, budget, quantity and deadline. You will definitely be in good hands!

Here is a quick summary of the 5 different printing methods for your better understanding!

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is a traditional yet commonly practiced print method that uses a stencil with mesh to transfer ink onto product surface such as t shirt, bags and corporate gifts.
The pros of silkscreen printing is that is it very durable and lasting. It can withstand washes and scratches. It produce higher color accuracy as ink can be manually mixed according to Pantone code provided. Almost no material cannot be printed with silkscreen printing which make it a common print application. Most importantly, it is very affordable for mass production in printing industry as the cost of material is low, with fast printing speed and minimal labour work after the complex set up at the start of production.
The cons of silkscreen printing is that it is charged according to number of colors in the design. Therefore usually silkscreen printing is not recommended for design more than 3 colors. Depending on the complexity of the design, some design is unable to be printed with silkscreen printing as the details in the design might be gone. This is due to the technique used in silkscreen printing that the small details tend to smudge away. It can’t print full color design too which make it very limited in producing colourful design. The product to be printed with silkscreen printing has to have an even and big surface in order to allow the stencil to be placed on it. Therefore some of the ready made or odd shaped product will not be able to implement silkscreen printing.

Solvent Heat Transfer Printing

Solvent heat transfer printing is a digital printing done on a roll of material before it was being trimmed, peeled, transferred onto a transfer film, and heat pressed on the product.
The pros of solvent heat transfer printing is that it is not limited by number of colors in the design. It can print any CMYK design including those with gradient or shadows with high saturation, vibrancy and clarify on the small details. The turnaround time is usually faster and workplace is cleaner too. It is suitable for smaller t shirt printing production especially for customer who only needs a small quantity to test the market.
The cons of solvent heat transfer printing is that it is more pricey for larger quantity order as the labour work involve is in parallel with the quantity, the amount of labour increase as the quantity increase. Due to the machine limitation, a border is usually required to be added onto the design which might not be acceptable for some of the brand. Lastly, the printing was done on a roll of material before heat pressed onto the product, it will give an obvious “hand feel” on the printing which might be deemed as unpleasing for some brand. The product also needs to be heat resistant in order for heat press to be done on it.

Embroidery Printing

Embroidery involve intricate thread and needle work in producing your logo or design on the fabric, in a pop up outcome.
The pros of embroidery printing is that it gives a professional and classy look due to its pop up/ 3D outcome form by the thread. The color of the logo or design will be at its best vibrancy as the thread would have its original color dyed.
The cons of embroidery printing is that it can only do for solid color logo or design, with pre-dyed thread color. The cost is determined by the thread count and colors involved which therefore usually only more cost effective if do on left chest small logo with minimal colors. 

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

DTG printing is the spraying of ink directly onto the fabric, in layman team, it is just like how a paper inkjet printer works. The ink will soak into the fabric fiber of the t shirt and stay printed on it.
The pros of DTG printing is similar to solvent heat transfer printing, that it does not limited by the number of colors. Any intricate CMYK full color design with gradient, shadow, can be printed beautifully on the t shirt. As the ink is directly spraying onto the fabric, it gives a no “hand-feel” print texture which gives highest comfort and breathability when wearing the printed t shirt. DTG is also suitable for small and delicate production as the workplace involved is minimal and clean.
The cons of DTG printing is that it can be pricey for printing on non white fabric. This is due to having the need of an extra step and material cost to spray a layer of white ink on the fabric first before the actual design can be printed on it. The design is not visible without the white layer of ink underneath. This in turns also make it not ideal for mass production due to its high cost and complex set up time. It takes up quite a lot of time and labour in setting up the machine just to print maximum of 2pc of t shirts each time. DTG also can only be printed on 100% cotton material for best outcome.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing
Dye Sublimation printing is the digital printing of design onto a sheet of treated paper, and being transferred onto fabric using heat press technique.
The pros of dye sublimation printing is similar to DTG, which is able to print full color CMYK design with high vibrancy. The material cost is also lower as compared to DTG and Solvent Heat Transfer printing. It is suitable for big and full surface printing and gives a totally no “hand-feel” print texture.
The cons of dye sublimation printing is that it can only be printed onto polyester material and in white color only, which significantly narrow down the option of the product application. It also will not be able to produce intricate details in the design due to its heating process. 


The Benefits Of Custom T shirts

The idea of ordering custom printed t-shirt is one that is still overlooked by some people these days. This is largely due to the fact they do not wish to go through the hassle of printing a t-shirt. From designing the artwork or logo, finding the correct placement on a shirt; To deciding on which printing method works best, this may all seem like too much work for a solitary mind. They would rather opt to go with existing t-shirt designs in the current market or even not print at all. You may not realise it now, but a simple printed t-shirt will do wonders for you. Without further ado, let us tell you why.

1. Showcase Your Creativity!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to custom printing your very own personalized t-shirt. Printing your own design onto a t shirt gives you the creative freedom to come up with something that has not been done before. Choosing from the different printing methods can also determine the outlook for your design. Certain print methods can make the colours of your design stand out more. You have full control of how you want to make unique t shirt design ideas.

2. More T Shirts Are Saved!

Ready-made t shirts often get chucked away after several weeks of wearing them. They are insignificant and only serve aesthetic purposes. Once a design gets old, interest is lost and those t shirts never get worn again. Custom printed t shirts serves a more meaningful purpose, they can represent your CCA club in school or represent your company. These custom t shirts are being worn with dignity and you do not have to keep buying them over again. Thus, saving cost and reduce wastage of t shirts.

They are also a cheaper alternative for corporate gifts compared to electronic items. T shirts are timeless. Electronic items like power banks may become obsolete in the near future as technology advances.

3. A Unique Way Of Marketing!

Gone are the days when marketing was purely slotting in brochures in letterboxes or buying advertising spaces off newspapers. Today, marketing can be done by literally any means. T shirts printing in Singapore might be your best marketing strategy. Put on a custom printed t shirt with your company logo and you immediately have a walking advertisement. Now imagine your entire company putting on the same t shirt. Marketing has never been made simpler. Forget about paying additional marketing costs for services with little to no results.

At TREA, we provide high quality printing for different t shirt designs in small or bulk quantity with attractive prices. We too take care of your design to make sure they are in good condition for printing, and be printed with the correct print method. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to become one of the most reliable custom t-shirts supplier in Singapore.

Here Are Our Featured T Shirt Printing Projects!

Solace Custom Printed File and T Shirt

Solace Systems Singapore

In looking for custom corporate merchandises for their staff, TREA was approached by Solace Systems Singapore to custom print on PVC L shape folder and cotton t shirts.

The L shape folder was custom printed with one color printing and a customised card holder in the front. Their corporate t shirt for staff featured silkscreen printing of the company’s logo across the chest section. Solace System’s minimalistic logo design stood out well when printed on white or black t shirts.

Our selection of custom cotton round neck t shirts are suitable for both minimalistic logo designs as well as artwork designs! Should you need any personalised corporate merchandises, our stationery selection is guaranteed to provide you with what you need.

singtel retail tshirt singapore

Singtel 5G Retail T Shirt

We are proud to have produced over thousands of 5G custom drift t-shirts to all the Singtel retail shop in Singapore. We have proposed the most economical choice of t shirt due to its fast turnover rate. The shirt was printed with silkscreen printing using Singtel brand Red color in Pantone code and white, which make the print very visible on the t shirt even viewing it from far.

Retail t shirts like this enhance the brand identity significantly and make very clear to consumer on who to look for when they visit the store. T shirt printed with loud branding also helps in creating awareness of the brand when it was being worn on so many retail staff and walking around.

Check out this most economical drift t-shirt with microfiber eyelet material that gives you comfort regardless at indoor or outdoor! 

Jurong Spring Custom Printed Polo T Shirt

TREA was approached by Jurong Spring Community Club to custom print on cotton polo t shirt. Embroidery logo of the community club and its two interest groups were done on the polo t shirts.

These polo t shirts were chosen specifically to match the colours of their specific logos. The color of the t shirts make the embroidered logo stand out, making them unique on its own. Embroidery on polo t shirts is one of the most lasting printing methods and creates a look of professionalism.

Our selection of custom polo t shirts will leave you spoilt for choice with color combinations and unique designs that you can use for your company’s uniform!

t shirt printing singapore

Rolls Royce Team Building Dri Fit T Shirts

This project features two different print methods on two different dri fit t shirt selection models. The royal blue 100% microfiber eyelet design dri fit t shirt features an embroidery of the company logo.

Our client, Rolls Royce, approached Trea to custom print on dri fit t shirts for their team building event. The embroidery method works perfectly with the Rolls Royce brand logo. Embroidery logos are not commonly done on round neck dri fit t shirts, hence making the t shirt an exclusive one on its own.

The light blue heather blend dri fit t shirt was custom printed with silk screen printing. This unique tshirt material with minimalistic printing create a well combination of t shirt printing in Singapore. Both t shirts had the name of the event printed behind. The finished product was one that left our client very satisfied.

View our wide selection of custom dri fit t shirts that are guaranteed to be of high quality for your team building event or outdoor sports activities!

ATEC custom t shirt printing singapore

ATEC Corporate Department Uniform

ATEC approach TREA to customise 3 different type of apparel for their different department. As different department is operating at different environment and scope, it is important for us to propose material and shirt style that allow employee to perform at their best.

The 3 departments consist of on site technician, outdoor sales executive and office administrative. Therefore the cotton long sleeve was chosen for on site technician to prevent injury and sun burn, formal button shirt was selected for outdoor sales executive for them to look presentable, while lastly a comfortable and will-not-go-wrong dry fit polo t-shirt was settled for office administrative employees. 

Different print method was used too to incorporate the same logo onto different apparel, in consideration of the person who is wearing it to look presentable and comfortable. Such as silkscreen printing on done on the long sleeve cotton t-shirt for the technician instead of embroidery as embroidery will restrict the movement of the shirt.

At TREA, we are able to provide t shirt and apparel that totally cater to your needs and comfort! 

Olam Custom Printed Tote Bag and T Shirt

Olam Opening Of New Singapore Headquarters

TREA was being approached by DIA Brand Consultants to custom merchandises for Olam’s new Singapore headquarters opening. Our client requested for two different products.

They are custom cotton t shirt and a customised canvas tote bag. The t shirt featured silkscreen printing of the company’s logo on the front and sleeve. Three brand colours consisting of black, light green and dark green were printed accurately to their pantone colors against the white cotton t shirt.

Olam’s customised tote bag features a full surface silkscreen printing. This printing method was ideal for our client who wants their custom canvas bag to be in their corporate Pantone code color. As only silkscreen printing is able to achieve pantone color, therefore we proposed for this print method to be done. Otherwise in general circumstances, we would recommend to custom the bag with ready dyed colored canvas instead.

Our custom cotton t shirt selection gives you the option to choose amongst the best colors to represent your company. Intrigued by our full surface silkscreen printing capabilities? Our customised canvas tote bag promises many other surprises such as add on accessories and extra compartments!

Why Print Your T Shirt With TREA?

With 10 years of experience in this industry, TREA has always maintained its goal in providing premium quality products to our clients without overpricing them. It is in our practice to ensure that even our premium products are reasonably priced.

Our t shirt catalog boasts a wide range of t shirt variety from different brands. This will save you the trouble of going into multiple websites just trying to find the most suitable t-shirt. We accept low MOQs for tshirt printing in small quantities. We also provide the option to customise t shirts from scratch with a MOQ of 100 pc. Should you have doubts on the quality of our t shirts, we do provide sample delivery for your viewing.

Being service oriented is one of the many traits that resonate highly amongst the staff at TREA. We take pride in discussing on how best to print your design onto our t shirts and clarify any concerns. In the entire t shirt printing process, we will be with you to decide on the tshirts that is most suitable. Whether it is to cater to your event or employees, or as a corporate gifts for your clients in Singapore.

What Our Clients Say?

A customer’s feedback is the truest gauge of how well or badly a company is doing. Throughout the years, TREA has garnered top and truthful reviews from satisfied clients in Singapore. Our team works hard to go far and beyond to achieve the gold standard for printing high quality t shirts. Here are the links to read up more Google reviews left by our customers.