Mugs Printing, Custom Mug Singapore

While other products may strive in their own right, the most conventional of them all, customised mugs still stay strong in the world of corporate gifts. In this selection. TREA offers a selection of mugs made from different materials; enamel, ceramic, stainless steel and porcelain. In addition, we also have cold cups and liquor flasks at our disposal. As conventional as they may be, mugs are one of the best corporate gifts in the market. They may be simple but they are very effective.

Mugs are gifts that you can personalise. Apart from custom printing on your brand logo, you can come up with creative and personalised texts. This makes them interesting gifts to give as each mug can be given to a specific employee of your company. Custom-printed mugs are also functional gifts. As such, they are gifts that your recipients can use on a daily basis at just about anywhere. Below is a gallery of past products done for our customers. Wide range of Mugs & Cold Cups to choose from. The customization options are endless. Contact us today for a quote now!

All custom mugs can be printed with one color, multiple color or full color custom printing. Other than printing on a regular white ceramic mug, our wide selection aims to cater to different corporate events and clients. If you are looking for more premium drinkware, you may explore our vacuum flasks and glass bottles selection. Nonetheless, feel free to send us an enquiry if you are in need of ideas!

5 Reasons Why Custom Mugs Are The Best Corporate Gift in Singapore

1. Wide Range of Variety

Our customisable mugs come in a wide range of materials. There are enamels mugs, ceramic mugs, stainless steel mugs, porcelain mugs and silicone mugs. Suitable for different occasions and different temperature of beverages.

Enamel Mugs
Lightweight and highly functional, enamelware are great conductors of heat. Stainless steel with a coat of enamel, it is long lasting and durable.

Ceramic Mugs
Durable and cost-effective, can be customisable with full colour printing on our white ceramic mugs. Practical and sturdy for daily usage.

Stainless Steel Mugs
Most sustainable, easy to clean, ideal for hot or cold liquids. Durable and does not corrode. Lighter than ceramic mugs. Some stainless steel mugs are double-walled to protect your hands from the heat and also keeps your beverage warm.

Silicone Mugs
Eco-friendly and lightweight, BPA free with a wide range of collapsible cups for your selection.

2. Customisable with Any Company Logo

All of our custom mugs can be customised with your company’s branding! With the various printing methods such as silkscreen for simple designs, heat transfer for one colour or multiple color print, and laser engraving for our stainless steel products! Looking at customization for a corporate event? We are also able to custom print your client’s name on each individual mug to make it a personalised gift from your company!

All of our custom mugs can be customised with your company’s branding!  With the various printing methods such as silkscreen for simple designs, heat transfer for multiple color or full color print, and laser engraving for our stainless steel mugs! Looking at customing mug printing for a corporate event? We are also able to laser engrave your client’s name on individual our Stainless Steel Mug w/ Straw Set to make it a personalised gift from your company!

3. High Sentimental Value

Custom mugs can also value add to your merchandise! Other than using it as a coffee cup, you can also use it as an innovative packaging for your corporate gift! It is more eco friendly and is more versatile than a normal carton box. Presentable and able to contain small irregular gifts. This way, there is a sentimental value to both your gift and gives further publicity to your company. Furthermore, our Ceramic Mugs Printing with inner colour and white exterior is an ideal choice for corporate gifting as it may complement your company’s identity!

4. Practical and Affordable

Practical and affordable, the customizable Regular White Mug is the perfect canvas for your company’s logo and design. One of our crowd’s favourite because of its affordability, the regular white mug allows full colour dye sublimation printing. Another way to upcycle your custom mug will be using it as a stationary holder or even a planter! Other functions available are the Stainless Steel Mug which is double-walled, to keep your beverage warm! This stainless steel mug comes with a lid with a sippy hole, convenient and highly usable! Slightly more affordable as compared to the Custom Vacuum Flask, which you can use to have your take away beverages. Our stainless steel mugs can be customized with laser engraving for that sleek look!

5. Innovative and Environmental Friendly

A more elaborate corporate gift idea would be the Silicone Collapsible Cup, one of the crowd favourite as it is practical, easy to store when not in use. Our Silicone Collapsible Cup are durable, more ocean-friendly and it last longer. Suitable for heated and cold beverages compared to plastic cups. Many have used it for an eco-friendly approach for corporate branding gift during their company events.

Another innovative gift idea would be the Insulated Coffee Mug that comes with a handle. With a wide range of colour for your selection, it is convenient and with a friction pad at the bottom to prevent sliding! Made to keep your warm beverage stay warm for a longer period of time, it is good for your takeaway cup of coffee! The Insulated Coffee Mug is also air tight, ideal for keeping your chill drinks in it too!