Plastic Pen Custom Printing

We provide customised low minimum order pen printing in Singapore on a range of basic and premium pen supply such as plastic pen, stylus pen, metal pen, pen with highlighter and so on. All pen can be customised with up to 4 colors logo printing. Contact us for quote now!

3 Benefits Of Promotional Pen As Corporate Gifts In Singapore

Cheap Personalised Gift

SMEs in Singapore typically do not have a lot of capital to spend on marketing. As such, they often look for inexpensive ways to let their name be known. Promotional pens are an inexpensive way to market your business. Although there is still a cost involved in creating these corporate gifts in Singapore, it is proven to be the most cost effective marketing tactic. They are sold in bulk and the cost for a customised pen is very affordable. For large quantity orders, the cost of a promotional plastic pen may even cost less than $1. This is a lot cheaper than newspaper advertisements or TV spots. Ask us for our pen printing services in Singapore today!

Usability For Any Industry

A good promotional item is one that is heavily used. There is no point in giving a custom corporate gift that no one is going to use. Promotional plastic pens are highly usable. Everybody goes to work or attend school and have a use for pens. No matter which industry you are in, there is always a need to write something on paper. You simply do not want a promotional item that recipients will throw away or forget. Having a limited budget does not make marketing impossible. You can choose from a variety of promotional pen designs and colours to represent your brand.

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Walking Advertisement And Branding

As effective as TV commercials and newspaper advertisements may be, these forms of advertisements have to be seen or heard at the right time. Chances are, as soon as that TV commercial goes off, you would have completely forgotten the advertisement. People will only look for advertisements when they are in need of something. Promotional pens, however, work very differently. They are a constant reminder of what your company stands for. If you belong to a company providing a form of product or service, you can print plastic pen with a contact number or your company’s web address. They may not currently need your product or service, but when the need arises, you will be the first on their minds.

multi color pen

5 Unique And Cheap Custom Plastic Pen TREA Offers

4 Color Multi Color Pen (PP52) &  Multi Color Pen with Stylus – SP03

As the name suggests, these multi color pen models provide you with more color ink options from a singular pen. These custom plastic pens are a popular choice for school giveaways. Students simply love them while teachers will always appreciate the convenience of multi colour pens. They are useful, colorful and very functional. Multi-color pen model PP52 comes in 4 available ink colours – black, blue, red and green. Pen model SP03 comes in 3 available ink colours- black, blue and red as well as a stylus tip. Plastic pen with stylus are useful in a class setting for teachers and can be used for presentations with any electronic devices used.

multi color pen

Plastic Twist Pens – PRP01 to PRP05

As with click top pen models, plastic twist promotional pens have a style of their own. Some people do not like owning click top pens. They fear that click top pens may cause their stationery cases, bags or pockets to be dirty when clicked on accidentally. As such, custom plastic twist pens are a more viable option. They are neat, tidy, stylish and have a higher perceived value. They are ideal as a corporate gift giveaways or even amongst your very own staff to show how much they are valued in the company.

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Stylus Eco Pens – SP03

The message is very clear when you choose stylus eco promotional pens to be your number 1 corporate gifts. It shows that your company is mindful of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and wants to save the environment. The barrel of the pen is made out of recycled cardboard material. The tip of the pen is also usable as stylus that can be used on your touch screen devices. The entire body of the pen can be customised. The additional space makes it ideal for printing personalised messages to your clients. Once again, highlighting that a custom eco pen with stylus is useful and thoughtful as a corporate gift in Singapore.

eco pen

Stylus Pen – SP01, SP02, SP03

These plastic pen models are popular as corporate gifts to fellow corporate companies. The stylus pen has an additional function of being used as a stylus. This is a useful tool as presentations are usually done through touch screen tablets and other electronic devices. This 2-in-1 plastic pen with stylus function adds value to an ordinary cheap plastic pen. Custom on these plastic stylus pen will definitely make the pens look and worth more than its original value. And come off as being a sensible and thoughtful gifts.

stylus pens

Pen with USB Drive – USBP01

With the advancement of technology in the Singapore today, the constant need to store electronic data has never been so prominent. USB drives are widely used across schools and offices of all industries.  The promotional pen with USB drive is another thoughtful gift that TREA offers. This corporate gift is ideal for corporate companies where the use of computers is a daily affair. The storage space for the USB drive is 16 GB and is easily detachable from the promotional pen. Overall this pen is stylish and functional at the same time. With that, it is more expensive than other ordinary promotional plastic pen in Singapore. However if you are looking for a premium corporate gift with combination of style and dual functionality – this pen with USB drive would be the best choice. You can print logos and designs on these pens to brand and personalise them with TREA.

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Plastic Pen Printing

All of TREA’s promotional pen models can be custom printed with silkscreen, pad or UV printing. Silkscreen and pad printing is recommended for 1 – 2 colour designs. UV printing is highly recommended for small logos with multiple colours. As well as for logo with full color. However, if you are unsure of the most suitable print method for your plastic pen, do drop us an email or give us a call and we will be able to assist you!

For a more premium looking promotional pen, you may check out our metal pen selections which can be customised with laser engraving. We also provides premium pen box and velvet pen sleeve to complete your corporate gift for your guest. Printing can be added onto your pen packaging to further enhance your brand identity. Contact us now for a free consultation on which custom promotional pen best suits your company and your marketing campaign!

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