Custom Electronic Accessories Printing

TREA provides low quantity customisation services on range of electronic accessories such as USB flash drive, thumb drive, travel adapter, pu pouches, power bank, bluetooth speaker and the list goes on! They can all be customised with laser engraving or standard printing. Orders start with minimum quantity as low as 30pieces. Contact us for quote now!

5 Most Popular Electronic Corporate Gifts In Singapore


The use of electronic accessories has been increasing over the years due to the blooming technology advancement. They have made such an impact on our daily lives that we almost cannot live without them. Imagine taking a long train ride home with no battery left on your mobile, or going to a foreign country and the power plug just won’t fit into the wall socket. Our lives are cushioned with the convenience of having them improve our way of life. Here are some electronic accessories that your customers will love to custom as corporate gifts.

Customized Power Bank – Often The First Gift Idea Came To Mind

Power banks have become so common nowadays that they are usually the first product that comes to mind whenever you think of custom an electronic gadget. However, with the current trend, customised power bank that is slim, small and compact does gain more popularity. TREA’s slim power banks are lightweight, convenient and compact. They are very durable and do not take up space. You can easily bring them anywhere as they can fit into pockets, pouches and bags with ease.

Slim power banks are multipurpose. They can be used to not only charge mobile phones, but also power up portable fans and lamp lights. You can print any logo or texts, big or small onto its wide surface area. Slim power banks are regarded as one of the most valuable and sought after products in the range. For this reason, they are a popular custom electronic corporate gifts amongst VIP and premium clients.

custom electronic accessories

Custom Wireless Charger – Unique and Trendy Gift

People are very often fascinated when they see new technology that has never been done before. As a result, they are drawn to trying and eventually buying the new electronic accessory and starting a trend. The wireless charger is such an example. Wireless chargers work by simply putting your mobile device onto the pod. They are neat, tidy and hassle free. You no longer need to deal with multiple cables just to charge your phone.

TREA’s custom wireless charger is minimalistic and sleek in design which displays as an accessory on your working desk. More and more mobile phones are now able to use them, keeping the wireless charger in trend. Thus, they are nicely priced in the mid ranges as unique custom electronic corporate gifts. Custom printing can be done in the middle of the pod so each time a recipient wants to charge their phone, they are constantly reminded of you.

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USB Pen Printing – Best Of Both Worlds

Nothing is better than having the functions of two separate products combined into one singular product. The USB Pen combines two of the most frequently used items in an office setting into one, creating the ultimate office stationery. In terms of custom electronic accessories, USBs have existed and have continued to be a convenient tool to transmit data between electronic devices. Unfortunately, they are also the most commonly misplaced.

USB pens are easy to bring around and has a lesser chance of misplacement. Customized pens by nature are great marketing instruments in Singapore. Through daily use, recipients are constantly remind of your company. Printing your company contact details such as emails and phone numbers can work wonders with this electronic device. TREA’s custom USB Pen comes in 16gb which boasts a large storage and 5 different colour choices for you to choose from. It is definitely a popular choice for your corporate gifts solution.

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Customised Travel Adaptor – Most Versatile Gifts

If there is one thing we all know about Singaporeans, it will be that we simply love to travel. Be it for work or leisure, we never turn down the opportunity to go abroad, even if it is just for a couple of days. However, in all the hustle and bustle while preparing, travel adaptors seem to always be the electronic device that Singaporeans forget. Thus, custom travel adaptor make for valuable electronic corporate gifts that recipients will keep for long term usage.

TREA’s travel adapters are convenient, lightweight and easily packed into your bag or luggage. They are suitable for big companies who frequently send their staff abroad for work purposes. It is a corporate gift that is not too expensive yet serves its purpose to the fullest when in need. They also come with a PU leather and polyester pouch that can also be custom printed on.

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Custom USB hub – Daily Essential Gift

USB hubs are small in stature, handy and very convenient. These pocket sized custom electronic accessories can help you transmit data whenever and wherever between your phone and device. They can be used with electronic devices such as computers, laptops and tablets.

USB hubs are the perfect electronic corporate gifts for people who get work done through their phones. They are cheap but super useful. If you are looking for an electronic gift with a low budget, look for this custom USB hub. Furthermore, the LED flash on the accessory adds colours to the mundane working environment. They also act as an indicator to show that it is in working condition.

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All in all, custom electronic accessories are useful and thoughtful gifts that serve their purpose to our lives. As such, they are naturally more valued corporate gifts in Singapore compared to a custom printed coaster or a bottle opener. Even though they generally cost more, they are regarded as premium corporate gifts. Custom electronic gadgets are ideal as giveaways too for high social status or tech events. The bottomline is, no matter which electronic accessory you end up choosing from our selection, someone is bound to use it.