Backpack Printing

TREA provides full customisation services on Custom Backpack according to your preferred style and printing. Nylon material is a waterproof and durable material with wide fabric colour choices for selection. It can be made into a regular bag carrier or a foldable pocket-size carrier. It also comes in different thicknesses such as 210D, 600d and so on. MOQ applies for full bag dimension customization. Contact us for a quote now!

Customise Your Backpacks 

What Is Nylon?

The nylon bag material is a plastic with super-long, heavy molecules built up of short, continually repeating sections of atoms. The polymers can be mixed with various substances to achieve different variations in properties. This explains why the material has such varied usages and is suitable for custom printing. As a customised bag fabric material, it bear similarities with polyester. It is strong, lightweight, waterproof and resistant to abrasion. It is wrinkle-free and does not stretch as well. However, they have low absorbency and will melt if it catches fire. Nevertheless, its low production cost makes it a popular choice for custom nylon bag in Singapore.

polyester bag

Custom Backpack For Travel And Leisure

TREA’s range of polyester nylon bags can be put to good use as travel and leisure bags. Making use of the aforementioned qualities of polyester nylon materials, we have brought in a variety of bags for you to choose from. It is no secret that Singaporeans love to travel. The polyester electronic device bag is ideal for storing devices such as your power banks and travel adapters. The polyester foldable bag options we offer come in the form of a backpack and a hand-carry travel bag. They can be as carrying bags or spare bag options for shopaholics who love to shop. The multipurpose bag is an insulated cooler/warmer bag that can be flattened when unused for your convenience. Lastly, the toiletries bag is yet another travel essential that you simply cannot forget. All in all, these make for the perfect custom corporate gifts for anyone in Singapore.

polyester bag