Compartment Backpack (BP54)

Compartment Backpack Printing (BP54) available in 3 different colours and suitable for one colour, multiple colours and full-colour printing of your corporate branding. Features 2 zipper compartment and includes a front opening for easy access to your belongings.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Dimension: 29(L) x 16(W) x 41.5(H) cm

Minimum order quantity of 50pc required for this Backpack (BP54), wholesale price applies!

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Compartment Backpack Printing is made up of two compartments, one main compartment, and another smaller compartment at the front of the bag, able to fit in an extra mask, hand sanitiser, sunblock and any other compact items.

As flexible as a 2 compartment bag can go, its unique feature is its protruding design at the main compartment, which allows for more space. This means being able to chuck in larger items, such as thick, fluffy jackets, big water bottles and any other everyday carry that looks heavier than it actually weighs.

Compatible for both indoor and outdoor use

Indoors or Outdoors, Compartment Backpack Printing adapts well to both environments, its nylon material being water resistant to counter the wet weather outside and its structure not too big to look like you’re bringing your home with you to smaller enclosed places. Though a small pool of colours, its palettes allow flexibility for your branding. Its vivid colours like Royal Blue and Red will bring attention to your brand while a darker colour like black will let your brand speak for itself.

Need a bag for leisure? This bag is just for that, especially for recreational activities around the city, such as going bowling, carrying your gear for indoor rock climbing, or even swimming, holding onto your towel, goggles and extra clothes. Be it going for a day walk or a night out for relaxation, its versatility makes it suitable for activities in the day and night, including going out or staying in.

compartment backpack printing
compartment backpack printing
compartment backpack printing

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