Custom Coaster Printing

No matter which restaurant or cafeteria you go to Custom Coasters is always present. You use them to place glasses and cups to protect the surface of the table from heat or liquid. Our product selection features ceramic coasters, both square and circular for your selection. In addition, we also offer customised boxes and wood stands just for your coasters. While being a functional product, coasters also allow you to be creative in advertising. Moreover, they are products that your recipients use on a daily basis. You stand a higher chance of having your clients remember you with useful and thoughtful customised corporate gifts. Ceramic and glass coasters have a high perceived value which works well for high-profile clients.

Below is a gallery of some Custom Coaster Printing requested by clients. Customisation MOQ starts at only 100pcs, contact us now for a quote! Available in gloss or matte finishing as well.

TREA provides Custom Coaster Printing services for a range of coasters at low minimum order quantity (MOQ). Our selection of coasters comes in different shapes and sizes to cater to your specific requirements. You can choose to custom print with one colour, multiple colours or full-color printing. Contact us for a quote today!