Custom Windbreaker Printing

When the office air condition is too cold, a good corporate gift to have is our Custom Windbreaker Printing! We provide the finest custom windbreaker printing services in Singapore. We have a wide range of Custom Windbreaker for your selection and are able to print with any design you want! On top of that, we have other alternatives for t-shirt printing too such as cotton t-shirt, jackets & long sleeve and drift t-shirts. Our custom windbreaker can be customised with a low MOQ of 30pc only! Contact us for a quote now!

Custom Windbreaker Printing

While the standard range of T-shirts provides basic protection from rain or shine. Windbreakers do it better than none other. Made from lightweight 100% high-density weather-resistant microfiber, they protect you from the harshest weather conditions in Singapore. They are compressible and foldable, making them easy to fold and pack into your luggage. Windbreakers can be easily customised to print your school or company identity. This is very useful for exchange students going overseas and for printing corporate windbreakers for overseas work trips. We offer customised printing for our wide selection of reversible and non-reversible windbreakers.

Why print Windbreaker over Cotton Jackets and Hoodies

Our Custom Windbreaker Printing selection is made out of a synthetic microfiber material that is windproof, water resistant, strong and durable. Although it is double-layered, because of the microfiber material that is used. The overall weight is still very light as compared to a cotton jacket or hoodie.

There are also many features on a windbreaker that are non-existent on a cotton jacket or hoodie. The major difference between a cotton jacket and a windbreaker is that the later has high water resistance. In the case of spillage, it can be easily cleaned away from windbreaker material as compared to a cotton jacket. Liquid would not be able to penetrate through microfiber material as well, this gives users a great sense of security.

On some of the windbreakers, there is an additional internal meshing which provides breathability. Reversible Windbreakers also give warmth and comfort due to their double-layer features. There is also a collar instead of a hood which not only functions practically to keep your neck warm but also functions aesthetically to make you look the part of a professional. The drawstring at the bottom of the windbreaker allows you to adjust the tightness according to your own comfort level. This is to further prevent wind from entering the windbreaker.

Windbreakers with reversible features always give a stronger sense of professionalism and corporate identity. Not only it added more colours to the windbreaker, but it also gives flexibility and fun in alternative wearing. Having 2 sides within a windbreaker gives creativity in printing on the windbreaker. Instead of having one-sided printing, customers can customise the other side of the windbreaker with another print design. Such versatile printing on reversible windbreakers is commonly seen in Singapore corporate context.

When it comes to the design and colour options, cotton jackets and hoodies are pale in comparison to windbreakers. Usually, cotton jackets or hoodies only come in a solid colour as a whole. While TREA’s windbreaker selection lets you choose from a spectrum of colours with unique piping colours and designs. Therefore windbreaker printing in Singapore has always been a top choice for printing corporate attire.

Custom Reversible Windbreaker Printing
Custom Windbreaker Printing

Reversible Windbreaker VS. Non-Reversible Windbreaker

Due to its construction, a reversible windbreaker is always going to be thicker than a non-reversible one simply due to the fact that it is essentially 2 layers of clothing. However, this aesthetic function also contributes to its practical use of keeping users warm.

A reversible windbreaker is also a versatile windbreaker. At TREA, you can custom windbreakers on both sides with different designs. This also means that you can use the same windbreaker on more than 1 occasion. The side with striking colour can be used for leisure while the other can be used for more formal occasions like department or client meetings. Embroidery patches are also well concealed within the windbreaker. No one would be able to tell that you are actually spotting such a unique piece of clothing.

Custom Windbreaker Printing Singapore