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Are you looking for a custom corporate gift in Singapore that is elegant, thoughtful and helpful? We have a wide selection of Notebook Printing that will not disappoint you. We offer a range of classic notebooks, ring notebooks, PU leather notebooks and even eco-friendly notebooks. Additionally, we have notebooks with pockets and pen holders. No matter how much technology advances, journals remain timeless. Our selection is meant to cater to different requirements so you can find one that suits you.

Compared to tablets, laptops and notepads, Notebooks are much lighter and more convenient. You can customise your notebook by printing your brand logo or tagline on it. A good corporate gift is one that has high usability. We provide Notebook Printing services with low MOQ for our range of notebooks. They can be customised with one colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing. Contact us for a quote today!

Why Custom Notebook Printing For Corporate Gift In Singapore?


If you are looking for a corporate gift in Singapore that is both elegant and thoughtful, TREA’s selection of custom notebooks will not disappoint you. No matter how much technology advances, notebooks remain timeless. Comparing to tablets, laptops and notepads, notebooks are much lighter and convenient. As a corporate gift, you will be able to custom notebook by printing your brand logo or texts on it. A good corporate gifts is one that people will think about and want to use. There is no point in giving a custom corporate gift that no one is going to use.

Useful For Everyone At Everywhere

At first glance, customised notebooks may seem be a thing of the past. People nowadays tend to do everything with their tablets, laptops and even mobile phones. This, however, is not entirely true. Notebooks have stood the test of time and still ranks as one of the most useful stationery corporate gift Singapore.

Custom notebook allow you to look back at notes you have written from the past without losing them, unlike individual papers. Drawing diagrams and pictures can also be done much faster on customized notebooks compared to electronic devices. Whether you’re working in a bank, school, design firm, fashion artist, you will always need to use notebook.


High Quality And Wide Selection

TREA’s selection of customised notebooks feature high quality pages and textured covers. We pay special attention to the materials used in our selection. The paper used in our customised notebook pages are recyclable and different from the standard white paper which might be glaring for the eyes. Our selection also boasts different cover textures for your preference. You may choose between classic hard covers, PU leather covers and canvas covers.

PU leather notebooks are soft and have a premium feel to them. They are also splashproof and prevent notebooks from going out of shape. Customised PU leather notebook is ideal as corporate gifts in Singapore for companies or VIP customers due to their higher perceived value. The canvas cover has an additional phone pocket, document pocket and pen loop. TREA offers you different varieties and styles of custom notebooks, from additional pen loops to document pockets for your preference.

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Supports Customization Ideas and Printing

When customising your personalised notebooks, it is important to keep in mind how you want your recipients to perceive this corporate gift. For custom notebook covers, we provide one color, multi color or full color printing depending on material. A more premium customization effort such as embossing can be added on to PU leather notebook to enhance its value.

You may also wish to include on a promotional metal pen to go along with the customised notebooks. Additionally, a custom printed tote bag or canvas pouch can also be used as goodie bags for the notebook. This will only add on to the exclusivity of the corporate gift and the overall presentation of the item. Should you need any help over the design or logo placement on your notebook, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to respond!

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