Classic Thermo Notebook (ZNO6014)

Thermo Notebook Printing (ZNO6014) is a hard-cover, leatherette notebook that comes with an elastic band and expendable pocket. This includes a gift box sleeve for the notebook. This product is available for customisation in single-colour, multiple colours, and full-colour printing of your branding/logo.

  • Dimension: 14.4 cm(L) x 1.5 cm(W)  x 21.3 cm(H)
  • Colour: Black
  • Paper: 80 sheets
  • Packaging: Polybag

Minimum order quantity of 100pcs required for Thermo Notebook Printing (ZNO6014), wholesale price applies!

Contact us for an exclusive wholesale rate for bulk orders!



A classic that will remain through the years

Thermo Notebook Printing’s silhouette follows the outline of a classic notebook design, one that will appeal to many people.

Inside the durable, leatherette hardcovers, holds 80 pages that you can write in. With these many pages, you’ll have the space to do whatever you want. From scribbling your thoughts to making to-do lists, you’ll have enough pages to accomplish what you need to do.

With it comes an expendable pocket, which can store any accessory you might want to bring with you. Perhaps some post-it notes to make reminders, writing instruments like pens or erasers, or even notes of encouragement to read and push you through your writing.

classic thermo notebook

Keep it focused

There are times when you have a million thoughts running through your mind and you can’t seem to settle on one. Thermo Notebook Printing helps you focus on what you need to do, one at a time. When you write one thought down, you can flesh it out, elaborating on the topic at hand or even mind-mapping it. With this method, you can visualise what you were actually thinking and even clarify the thought. All in all, writing things down helps you focus and filter out what you need to do.

To the masses

A corporate notebook like Thermo Notebook Printing will be appealing to a wide demographic. If you’re an IT business, you can use it in your road shows or IT shows and incentivize your customers to spend a certain amount to get a free gift like a notebook. For community clubs or event organisers, you can entice people to come for your event using goodie bags, including the notebook. All these will let the masses feel rewarded for purchasing items or attending events, which will encourage them to continue patronising your business.

Our Service

Don’t forget to check our many other custom notebook printings available on the TREA website! If you have any questions regarding the customisation process, you can drop us an enquiry or reach out to us by calling our number above.