Drawstring Pouch Printing & Custom Drawstring Bag From Scratch!

We provide full customization services of Drawstring Pouch Printing on our ready stock pouches as well as to customise pouches from scratch. Pouches can be manufactured according to your preferred size, printing methods and materials with MOQ of 100pc. Available in various print methods like Silkscreen, Heat Transfer and Direct To Garment for your personalised printing. Comes in various material like Nylon Non-Woven Drawstring and Velvet Drawstring Bag. Check out our extensive range of Drawstring Pouches supply and get your orders made today!

We accept ready stock drawstring pouch printing order from 30pcs onwards! While custom drawstring bag from scratch at MOQ of 100pc!

What Are The Best Materials For Custom Drawstring Bag And Drawstring Pouch?


Drawstring pouch printing has been around for ages. Its trademark design has stood the test of time in becoming one of the most popular and practical bags for printing. The ingenious idea of having strings tighten and carry the pouch around makes it very functional and convenient. Keeping this in mind, TREA’s selection of drawstring pouches and drawstring bags were chosen to offer you the best customization option. Let us run through the different material attributes so you will know that you are making the right choice.

Cotton Canvas For Durability

One of the most common types of drawstring pouches are made out of cotton canvas material. This fabric material is strong, durable and recyclable. They are able to carry a huge amount of weight and can be used to hold just about anything. Cotton canvas drawstring pouch and drawstring bag are perfect for corporate gifts. Depending on the size of the pouch, you will be able to store daily essentials such as your keys and credit cards to water bottles and t shirts. Aesthetically, they are also very stylish and trendy. Cotton canvas material reacts well with all 3 printing methods that TREA provides – heat transfer, silk screen and direct to garment printing. Full surface printing and embroidery options are also available to custom canvas drawstring pouch.

drawstring pouch

Non Woven For Lightweight

The non-woven fabric material is soft, lightweight, durable, water resistant and reusable. Non woven drawstring pouch and bags are eco friendly and looks to replace plastic bags in the near future. This material typically has a lifespan of 5 years. TREA offers you the option to customise the dimensions to best suit your preference. You can customise them to be either drawstring pouches or bags depending on your requirements. A drawstring pouch can not only can they carry significantly heavier weights, they are also less likely to be torn, punctured or broken. They are cheaper than cotton which makes it ideal for ordering in bulk for big events in Singapore. They can go as small as an earring pouch or as huge as a shoe or pillow bag. This makes it perfect as a corporate gift. To custom non woven pouch, silk screen printing and heat transfer printing are both suitable to meet your requirement.

non woven bag printing

Velvet As Premium Packaging

The velvet material spells premium no matter how you look at it. This material is naturally rich, thick, soft and durable. Velvet drawstring pouch is suitable for packaging fragile items and corporate gifts such as jewellery, glass and pens. They are often used when giving door gifts to important guests and look exquisite with custom printing. Such events could be weddings or major corporate meetings between high ranking representatives. Silkscreen printing and embossing are best print methods for velvet pouch customization. While heat transfer printing will change the texture and color of the velvet material, therefore it is not advisable.

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Sheer As Economical And Aesthetics Gift Bag

Sheer drawstring bags are light, cheap, translucent and textured. They are perfect as packaging for customised corporate gifts or event gifts and can appeal to your guests. You can use them to store small gifts for wedding favours or as birthday parties gift bags. Corporate companies can package their products with this sheer drawstring pouch for free sample giveaway during grant opening. Scented items such as dried flowers and soup bar can also be packaged ideally into this sheer drawstring bag. A great feature of these sheer material is that it is translucent. Therefore it shows what is in the pouch. As such, sheer mesh drawstring pouch is used for more aesthetic purposes rather than its functionality. The company logo and branding come from your very own products can be seen through the mesh drawstring bag intentionally. Hence, allowing the main focus to be the product itself. The ultimate goal is to have the sheer drawstring pouch be a part of your gift through its vibrant colours and qualities. Therefore, there is no custom printing options available for this material.

Nylon for Splash Proof

Nylon acts as a great functional material be it for sports or travelling, not only is the material lightweight to be carried around, it is also splash proof. This material is suitable to store essentials, electronic devices and many more you can think of. Additionally, its material is one that is easily cleaned and washed, one does not have to worry about stains or dirt. With one of its benefits being its durability, it will be able to sustain heavy-weight items compared to other materials and last you a long time.

In summary, it is safe to say that custom drawstring pouch and customized drawstring bag are widely used in Singapore for almost any occasion. Choosing the right material and knowing its attributes is important to choosing the right option. Custom printed drawstring pouches are becoming a common sight these days in Singapore. If you are looking for drawstring bags in the form of backpacks, our drawstring backpack selection is also available for your viewing. Start customise your very own drawstring pouch with TREA today!

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