Premium Tote Bags & Custom Made Canvas Bag From Scratch!

Custom Canvas Tote Bag in a premium or basic style according to your preferred dimension, thickness, printing and design! Additional features such as reversible bag design, magnet button opening, adjustable strap, multiple compartments, metal zipper and much more could be requested to enhance the quality of your personalised, customised canvas bag. Get your very own eco-friendly cotton/canvas bag printed today!

Customised your own tote bag design from scratch with MOQ of 100pc only! (Scroll down to a form & fill up your custom bag specifications for a quote!)

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    Custom Canvas Bag From Scratch!

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    Tips To Custom Premium Canvas Bag Corporate Gift In Singapore

    The canvas bag premium series selection is one that TREA is especially proud to offer as a corporate gift option. These custom canvas bag options include customising your desired bag dimensions, canvas material, canvas bag thickness, add on accessories and a wide range of fabric colours. This premium series allows you to go beyond the norm to fully personalise and customise your very own canvas bag. Feel premium with our canvas tote bags with high quality custom printing. Your corporate logo or artwork will get attention when it is being printed on the canvas bag. Let us run through some tote bag facts with you on how it can be a premium corporate gift option.

    Sense of Touch

    When it comes to a canvas tote bag, most will already have the assumption that the standard tote bags are durable, sturdy and reliable. TREA’s high quality premium series canvas bags weigh in at 16oz in thickness. This was specially made with the intention of providing even more durability and sturdiness. Doing this supports your heavier essentials such as your laptops, handheld game consoles and many more you can think of. Our two way straps and adjustable sling canvas bags weigh in at 12oz. Moreover, it has an additional inner lining that is used to cover loose threads that make the bag neat and tidy. Hence, adding to its exclusiveness as a premium corporate gift canvas bag. Your daily commute has just been made easier. We assure you that you will never have to worry about breaking your tote bag again. The premium canvas tote bag series will show you that the thickness of a bag matters. Like the old saying goes – ‘quality over quantity’.

    canvas tote bag

    Visual is Key

    What makes the Premium Series stand out is its array of colours that you can choose from. Forget the typical, natural cream coloured tote bags and go for bold! We, at TREA, strongly encourage you to be bolder and louder with the uncommon colours. There are up to 50 colours to choose from for this canvas fabric. This way not only, do you have a variety of colours you can incorporate to match your corporate brand. You can choose colours that make your company the main attention on any occasion. If you are one who is going for a more muted colour, black or white would stand out as being the classier option. The unprocessed natural cream colour comes off as “cheap” in comparison to the rest of the colours in the selection. While there is a large area to add printing on canvas tote bags, sometimes the best way to make a tote bag stand out is to print a minimalistic design. The contrast itself helps bring out the design and puts it in focus. Your corporate gift can be customised with creativity on this canvas bag. Having a visually significant canvas tote bag brings out a unique flavour of its own. This makes it an exclusive and premium customised canvas bag as a corporate gift in its own right.

    canvas tote bag

    The Fun of it!

    With an additional feature of making the bags, reversible. Not only is it fun to surprise your customers with a bag with 2 unique designs. It also soothes the headache and eases the hassle of matching the bag with the outfit! Having 2 items in one is a real bang for the buck. Not to forget, being eco-friendly makes it so much more fun to own one.

    The More the Merrier!

    If the standard canvas tote bag compartment isn’t enough for you, fret not, TREA has got your back (bag). Pun intended. We provide the option to customise and add on accessories to your tote bags in Singapore. From adjustable straps, two way straps, inner linings, zip openings, additional compartments to magnet buttons, reversible you name it. The adjustable and two way straps provide options for you to carry a canvas tote bag according to your preference. We recognise that everyone has different habits when it comes to the way they like to carry their bags. The inner linings are used to cover loose threads internally and add an extra layer to the bag. The zip openings and magnet buttons provide a sense of security and prevent your items from falling out when you are carrying out your canvas tote bags. Additional compartments simply means more room for more specific items! You can now compartmentalise little items such as your keys, coin pouches, water bottle and charging cables. Doing this helps you save the trouble of always running through your canvas tote bag to find them. It is not just convenience we are talking about, this is a luxury corporate gift bag that you can customise.

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