Denim Canvas Bag (Custom From Scratch!)

Denim Canvas Bag Printing can be customisable with your preferred dimension in many shades of denim! Made with durable and high-quality denim canvas which is suitable for single or full-colour printing of your corporate branding! Additional features can be added to make it exclusive to your event needs with a MOQ of 100pc only!

  • Dimension: Regular 33cm x 36cm or custom with your own dimension
  • Thickness: Recommended 12oz or custom your thickness to 8oz or 16oz
  • Colour: Denim Fabric Shade

Minimum order quantity of 100pc to customise Denim Canvas Bag Printing from scratch! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies! 

Contact us for wholesale rate now!


Denim Canvas Bag is a unique material that is made with sturdy, durable denim fabric. Customisable to your preferred thickness and denim shade, with additional features such as the short grab handles, customisable to your preferred length as well! Ideal for the promotional roadshow and for your corporate events!

Denim Canvas Bag is also fully customisable with additional features like compartments, adjustable sling and even the length of the grab handle. With a wide print surface area for your corporate branding, this will be a marketing campaign for your company!

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Custom Denim Canvas Bag From Scratch!

Customisable with adjustable straps and grab handles, the Denim Canvas Bag can be used for marketing or school events! Additional features allow your corporate bag to stand out from the crowd, promoting your event and branding at the same time! With a wide range of printing methods to suit your corporate branding and design, speak to us now for an exclusive quote!

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