Non Woven Bag Printing

We provide full customisation services on non woven bag according to your preferred style and printing. Non woven is a light weight and durable material with wide fabric color choices for selection. It can be made into regular non woven bag carrier or foldable pocket size carrier. MOQ applies for full bag dimension customization. Contact us for quote now!

What Is A Non Woven Bag?

Non-woven bags are made from a non-woven polypropylene (PP) fabric. This fabric is made with spun and bond polypropylene fiber which is soft, smooth and air-permeable. After which, the fibers are bound together thermally or mechanically. Non Woven Bag are soft, light, durable, water resistant and reusable. It typically has a lifespan of 5 years. These non woven bags can be printed on with a company logo or advertisement. This makes them great tools in corporate branding and are attractive as corporate gifts in Singapore. End users gain a beautiful goodie bag that they can reuse while companies get promotional boots whenever their bags are being used.

3 Advantages To Print Non Woven Bags

1. Economical – Cheaper Than A Paper Bag

Non woven bags are very cost efficient. The fact that they can be reused significantly reduces the need to produce more bags. Stores have started to sell non woven bags in Singapore and end users have been very receptive. This proves to be a win-win situation for both retailers and end users. Retailers get to build a stronger branding with usage of these attractive bags while end users get to enjoy a higher quality shopping bag. Furthermore, as these bags are practically walking advertisements, a lot of marketing costs can be saved. Even though many retailers are still using the conventional plastic bags, non woven bag printing will prevail in the long run due to its low price and marketing saving costs.  It is only a matter of time before retailers make the shift to custom non woven bag.

non woven bag printing

2. Durability – Waterproof and Higher Heat Resistance

A non-woven bag is much more durable compared to a conventional plastic bag or a paper bag. It is also waterproof while paper bags are not and will tear when it touches water. Not only can they carry significantly heavier weights, they are also less likely to be torn, punctured or broken. As such, they make for ideal grocery bags when carrying different grocery items of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, they can be used to store food items such as flour or rice. Non woven bags also have higher heat resistance. They can withstand temperatures up to 130 degree celsius as compared to polyethylene bags that start to melt at 90 degree celcius. Corporate companies can custom non woven bag in Singapore to target the mass consumer with its practical functionality.

non woven bag printing

3. Corporate Image – Supports Eco Friendliness

An attractive non woven bag not only serves as a shopping bag, it is also a very strong advertisement tool. They are stylish, modern and wears on your shoulder like a fashion accessory. Of late, the conventional polyethylene plastic bags has been met with very negative views. They are bad for the environment and are seen as being wasteful in Singapore. On the other hand, non woven bags are seen as a step in the right direction replacing polyethylene plastic bags with its recyclable qualities. In Singapore, custom printing on non woven bags are slowly replacing paper bags too. They have no restrictions whatsoever in full surface and full colour printing. Non woven bags represent a very positive outlook for a company who is giving them out in efforts to saving the environment.

non woven bag printing

Non Woven Bag Printing In Singapore – What Are The Choices?

Custom Non Woven Bags From Scratch

TREA offers you the option to fully customise non woven bag to your own. Available in a wide selection of colors, almost every part of the bag can be customised. You can customise the colors of the bag handles, the bag body and even the side pipings.The dimensions of the non woven bags are also entirely customisable. You can mix and match however you want to find the best colour combination to represent your company. Silk screen printing, heat transfer and direct to garment printing are all available and will be advised upon your enquiry.

non woven bag printing

Custom Non Woven Drawstring Pouch For Multiple Usage

Another style of a custom non-woven bag comes in the form of a drawstring pouch. This model allows you to close and carry the pouch by the attached nylon strings that it comes with. Like the above model, we offer the service of customising its dimensions to best suit your preference. We can custom the bag dimension to as small as an earring pouch. To as huge as to store your sports shoes or even your home pillow! Non woven material is very light in weight and low in production cost. Therefore it can always be an alternative for plastic bags for storage purposes.

non woven bag printing

Foldable Non Woven Bag For Convenience

The lightweight of the non woven fabric material is finally put to good use in the form of a foldable non woven bag. This model allows end users to fold the bag into a small convenient size to carry around when not in use. There is a button on the bag that secures it in place when folded. This is perfect for shopaholics, housewives who need it for grocery shopping or simply as a standby bag used when travelling. The dimensions are customisable. All printing methods are applicable for this model.

non woven bag printing

Standard Non Woven Bags In Ready Dimensions

These bags come in prefixed dimensions and singular colours for those who prefer simplicity. The variation between an expandable base and a portrait non woven bag is the mere difference in size and shape. Some of the bag comes with base and side while some only comes with base. The common feature of these ready made non woven bags are their shorter handle. Which is suitable for hand carry instead of shoulder carry. We have added them into our selection to give you more choices that will suit your ideal preference. Despite the change in shapes and sizes across all models, they are still of the same fabric quality standard. Silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing can be custom on these non woven bags with your corporate logo. They are generally cheaper than a fully customised non woven bag as they are already ready made with fixed dimensions.

non woven bag