Foldable Non Woven Bag (NW16)

Foldable Non-Woven Bag Printing (NW16) with single compartment and fully stitched with pocket and buttons. Foldable Non-Woven Bag in 90gsm available in 7 different colours. They can be customised with single, multiple or full-colour printing. We also have various method of printing to meet your design requirement.

  • Material: Non-Woven (90gsm)
  • Dimension: 13.5”(H) × 15.5”(L) x 4”(D)
  • Colours: White, Black, Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Green, Purple

Minimum order quantity of 50pcs required for customisation on Foldable Non-Woven Bag Printing. Wholesale prices available!

Contact us for an exclusive rate for customisation and bulk order!




Foldable Non-Woven Bag Printing ideal for extra storage and easy to bring around. Convenient because of its foldable function and with non-woven material, the bag can withstand a heavier load.

In addition, the Foldable Non Woven Bag Printing is suitable for one colour, multiple colours and full colour printing.

Completed Products

Some Benefits you should know about!

More Economical

Since supermarkets have been charging extra for plastic bags, they have gradually withdrawn from the packaging market. Do you know what have they replaced with? Non-woven bags! We are sure that you have seen racks and racks of non-woven bags being sold in supermarkets. It has become a necessity when buying groceries. As a result, many more brands have started customising their bags. Then, these bags are being sold or given away as part of the ‘Go Green’ initiatives. Non-woven bags are also easier to print patterns and designs with more vivid colours. These eco-friendly bags have a low attrition rate due to repeat use. What does this mean? This means that it helps companies like yours to save money and bring more obvious advertising benefits!


Apart from keeping the air cleaner and the grass greener, do you know that they are super durable? In fact, they can last up to five years! (provided you do not tear them into pieces yourself) These bags can be reused hundreds of times and carry more loads than normal plastic bags. At the same time, they are relatively waterproof! Now go on and not worry about your contents when it rains! Don’t go under a downpour though!

In summary, the economical, firm and environmentally friendly non-woven bags have offered people a lot of convenience in daily use. In addition to that, the problems encountered during use are not comparable to plastic bags. This explains well why non-woven bags are so popular, doesn’t it?

Customers can customise it with any design and bulk quantity. Various customisation printing methods available to suit your design and quantity requirement: silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing. Have any enquiries? Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!