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Looking for corporate T-shirt printing? Check out our Unisex Polo T-Shirts and other apparels that give a professional yet personalised feel. Do check out our other options for T-shirt printing too such as dri fit t shirtdri fit polo t shirt and cotton tshirt. We provide customised T-shirt printing in Singapore on materials ranging from cotton to microfibre (dri-fit). Our Polo T-shirt can be customised with low MOQ of 30pc only! For express t shirt order, we can get it printed in as fast as 3 working days! Contact us for quick quote now!

Collar Polo T-Shirt ( CI13)
Unisex Custom Polo Tee (HC10)
Unisex Polo Shirt (HC11)
Unisex Polo T-Shirt (CI10)
Unisex Polo T-Shirt (SJ04)
Unisex Polo Tee (HC01)
Unisex Polo Tshirts Printing (HC15)

How To Choose Polo T Shirt For Printing


Polo T shirts have come a long way in the history of t shirt clothing dating back to the 1800s when it was first introduced. They are defined by its trademark collar and adjustable buttons for your comfort preference. These t shirts have stood the test of time.

In terms of aesthetics, they are suitable for formal as well as non-formal occasions. They are not only comfortable but also classy at the same time. Till this date, polo t shirts prove to be a popular choice of t shirt printing in Singapore for both men and women. With multiple designs to choose from, our Polo T shirt selection guarantees that there is something for everyone. They are perfect for company meetings, corporate events and public campaigns.

TREA provides polo t shirt printing and polo t shirt embroidery for the highest quality. In our polo t shirt selection, you will see that they are made out of different material fabrics. Here is a breakdown of those fabrics to help you make your choice on polo t shirt printing an easier one. With our detailed description for materials used for the selection, you will be able to pick the best option to customise your polo t shirt.

Honeycomb in 60% cotton, 40% polyester

T shirt Model: HC01, HC09, HC10, HC11, HC14, HC15,HC20, HC22,HC23,HC24,NHB 2400

As far as conventional t shirts go, honeycomb polo t shirts have been the golden standard for any custom polo t shirt. The word ‘honeycomb’ derives from the texture of the fabric material which is achieved from pique knitting. This model looks classy in its own right. It features a cotton polyester blend which promotes comfort, style and professionalism. Even though it is heavier and bulkier, it breathes better than other knitted polo t shirts. TREA’s selection of custom honeycomb polo t shirt offers a variety of designs to cater to your specific requirements and occasions.

polo t shirt

Jersey Knit in 60% cotton, 40% polyester

T shirt Model: CL10, CI12

While being made of the same material blend as honeycomb polo t shirts, this model is made from a jersey knit fabric. It features a cotton mixed polyester material, which is lightweight, soft and feels exactly like wearing a t shirt. It is aesthetically suited for the corporate occasions and meeting as it delivers the promise of professionalism through its striped collar design.

polo t shirt

Polo Shirt in 65% polyester 35%cotton
T shirt Model: SJ04,SJ08,NHB 2700

This model strikes a perfect balance between fun and formality. While keeping it classy with its striped design around the collar, this polo t shirt functions just as well for some light activities. Due to its little cotton content, this polo t shirt feels thinner and lighter on skin. It is an ideal option to customise this polo t shirt if you are looking at a more casual corporate t shirt. By putting together polyester and cotton, we now have a fabric material that is both cooling from the properties of polyester and durable from the properties of cotton.

polo t shirt

Mandarin Collar Shirt in 65% polyester 35%cotton

T shirt Model: North Harbour NHB 2200

If you are looking for something less conventional, this polo t shirt model may very well be what you are looking for. It is the only model from our selection that offers a mandarin collar. For many centuries, Mandarin collar shirts have always represented royalty in some form. However, in today’s context, a mandarin collar polo t shirt is still looked upon as a corporate t shirt that is neat, smart and classy. As with the SJ04 polo t shirt model, the North Harbour polo t shirt shares the properties of polyester and cotton. It is thin, comfortable, cooling and durable which makes it ideal for almost any occasion. This polo t shirt model has proven to become a popular t shirt for custom printing in Singapore.

mandarin collar polo t shirt