Reversible Canvas Bag (custom from scratch!)

Custom Reversible Canvas Bag available for customisation in various thicknesses from 5oz, 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. You can customise the tote bag according to your preferred dimension, fabric colour and custom printing. The minimum order quantity is 300pc.

  • Dimension: custom with your own dimension
  • Thickness: Recommended 8oz thin canvas or 10oz moderate thickness as reversible bag has 2 layers
  • Colour: Natural canvas cream, Bleached white, Half bleached white, Black or any fabric colour of your choice!

Minimum order quantity of 300pc to customise reversible canvas bag from scratch! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

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Custom Made Premium Canvas Tote Bag From Scratch!

Custom Reversible Canvas Bag can be personalised to any dimension and thickness from 5oz, 8oz, 10oz to 12oz. Print with any design with colour at a minimum order quantity of 300pc. We recommend using silkscreen printing for designs with less than 4 colours. It is an economical printing choice for minimalistic designs or corporate logos. Furthermore, silkscreen printing is ideal for single or Pantone colours.

Custom Reversible Canvas Bag comprises two layers of canvas sheets sewn together into a single bag. Hence we are able to print the canvas sheets individually. As a result, this method of printing supports full surface, edge-to-edge design.

For full-colour designs with gradient and photography images, heat transferdye sublimation or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is recommended. However, to customise an edge-to-edge printed or reversible bag, we do not recommend heat transfer printing due to its rigid and inflexible print surface. Sewing cannot be done over heat transfer printing as it would crack or tear the print.

On the other hand, Dye sublimation and DTG printing are able to produce a smooth and non-hand feel print texture. This gives flexibility and softness to reverse the bag freely with no limitations on sewing.

Custom Reversible Canvas Bag is an ideal choice for a gift that is useful, thoughtful and multifunctional. Whether you are using it as a corporate gift or a promotional item. This bag offers an abundance of benefits. Although it is priced higher than other tote bags. The cost is justified by the qualities it possesses. As a double-layered canvas bag, it is able to withstand a much heavier load. As compared to its single-layered counterparts. Being reversible also allows for the user to have more carrying options. The best gifts are often the ones that leave the biggest impressions. Start making a difference today!

TREA provides custom printing services for customised bags and pouches as well as corporate gifts in Singapore. Speak to us for comprehensive customisation service.