PU Notebook (NB47)

Notebook Printing Singapore (NB47) comes in 4 different colours. It is a PU leather notebook that comes with internal compartment slots and a pen holder. This product is available for customisation in single-colour, multiple colours, and full-colour printing of your branding/logo.

  • Material: PU Leather
  • Dimensions: 22.5cm(H) x 17cm(W)
  • Colour: Brown, Orange, Purple, Lime Green
  • Paper: 100 Sheets
  • Layout: Info & Notes
  • Packaging: OPP Bag

Minimum order quantity of 50pcs is required for Notebook Printing Singapore (NB47), wholesale price applies!

Contact us for an exclusive wholesale rate for bulk orders!




Look smart and feel confident

Had enough of flimsy notebooks that wear out easily with poor paper quality? Start using Notebook Printing Singapore! Coming in 4 different, beautiful colours, it’s the notebook you’ll want to use and bring to places. It’s made of PU Leather, making it look elegant to hold and feel smart to write in. With its sturdy build and craftsmanship, it’ll bring your confidence up with how firm and solid it feels in your hands.

Notebook_NB4713_Lime Green

An organised mind is a clear mind

Sometimes, the world goes by so fast and you’re trapped in a neverending cycle of constantly moving information. As it goes at break-neck speed, anything fails to register in your brain and you’re left more confused than you last started.

Notebook Printing Singapore is a multipurpose notebook that can help out with that, able to keep track of your habits and progress. Not only can you easily organise your thoughts and move pages with the ring binder, but you can also sort out other items inside with the internal compartments available within. You can pick up interesting flyers and brochures and slot them into the bigger compartment, or fit in name cards of businesses you’ll want to visit again. This notebook is perfect for students and office workers, or generally people who deal with information by writing it down. Writing in this notebook can clear up and simplify confusing concepts, help process logical solutions to a problem, and even be used as a reminder for a list of things to do.

Our Service

Want to grow your business? Consider corporate gifting! When someone is given merchandise with your name on it for free, they will associate your brand with positivity! Why not start off with our custom notebook printing? Its flat surface will provide the space you need to print your logo on it and people are bound to use something as functional as this.