Graduation Eco Notebook (NB19)

Graduation Eco Notebook Printing (NB19) comes in 4 colours. It is a recycled, spiral notebook that comes with a pen. This product is available for customisation in single-colour, multiple colours, and full-colour printing of your branding/logo.

  • Material: Eco Notepad with Pen
  • Dimension: 15.5cm(H) x 11cm(W)
  • Colour: Orange/Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Black
  • Paper: 70 sheets
  • Packaging: OPP Bag

Minimum order quantity of 50pcs required for Graduation Eco Notebook Printing (NB19). Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

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Protecting our resources with recycling

Sustainability is the practice of being conscious of what we consume, how our human activities affect the earth and its natural resources, and most importantly, what we do to protect our environment. This is where Graduation Eco Notebook Printing comes in! Made of recycled materials, this notebook is a stepping stone to get into your recycling journey. You’re saving the earth by purchasing goods that are recycled products, using what you know to consume responsibly. It’s a great notebook not only for the quality of writing but also because the process behind it is meaningful and beneficial.

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The start of a new chapter

Graduation Eco Notebook Printing is more than just a physical item. It can be a graduation notebook that holds within them the memories of all the hard work and dedication that went into earning their knowledge and certificate.

As students fill in and flip through the pages of their graduation notebooks, they will be transported back to the moments they spent in the classroom, studying late into the night, and all the challenges they faced along the way. They will remember the friends they made, the teachers who inspired them, and the moments of doubt that they overcame.

This graduation notebook is a great memento to celebrate the student’s accomplishment. They are a symbol of their perseverance and determination and serve as a reminder of the sacrifices they made to reach their goals. They are a celebration of all the years spent in school and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

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