PU Notebook (NB51)

Notebook Gift Printing SG (NB51) comes in 4 different colours. It is a PU leather notebook that comes with a ring binder, internal compartments and a pen holder. This product is available for customisation in single-colour, multiple colours, and full-colour printing of your branding/logo.

  • Material: PU Leather
  • Dimensions: 22.5cm(H) x 17cm(W)
  • Colour: Black, Red, Lime Green, Brown
  • Paper: 100 Sheets
  • Layout: Notes
  • Packaging: OPP Bag

Minimum order quantity of 50pcs required for Notebook Gift Printing SG (NB51), wholesale price applies!

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Colour the pages with your thoughts

Have you been building castles in the sky, forming worlds that don’t exist and creating your own characters? Notebook Gift Printing SG is here to give you a place for your fantasies to exist. It contains 100 single-line pages, enough to hold a whole adventure or multiple short stories!

The cover of the notebook doesn’t have to be the only that is colourful and interesting about it. You can fill up the pages with content, from that strange dream you had last night, to the superhero story you were thinking of, or further work on the layers of how your fantastical world works and interact with your characters. You won’t have to worry about empty spaces, because before you know it, you’ve already filled every single one of them with your ideas.

Notebook_NB5113_Lime Green

Travel Companion

Don’t keep the stories to yourself! Share them with friends and family, discuss ideas and share the imagery. Not only does the beautiful cover make a good conversation starter, but the content that you write inside will also continue the dialogue! There’s nothing better than sharing stories with one another.

It’s the perfect companion for long trips, to write down what you have seen from the world and apply it to what stories you want to build. Instead of silence, your journey will be filled with ideas and inspiration for your writing. Notebook Gift Printing SG is your personal book bank for your fiction and tales.

This book will serve well for writers who want to make their fantastical world into a reality!

Our Service

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