A5 PU Ring Notebook Binder

A5 PU ring notebook binder is a professional and comfortable planner to organise your life! Customisable to your preferred dimensions and features, so design it the way you like it!

  • Material: PU Leather, 150gsm white card, 100gsm lined paper
  • Dimension: 18cm width x 23.5cm height
  • Printing: Single colour, multiple colours, full-colour printing or hot stamping
  • Features: Comes with card slots, paper slots, pen slots and magnet clasp closure

A minimum order quantity of 200pcs to customize your A5 PU ring notebook binder, Wholesale prices are available!

Contact us for an exclusive rate for customization and bulk orders!




A5 PU ring notebook binder is an excellent journal which can be customisable to your needs and requirements. It is made with premium PU leather material. Moreover, use 150gsm white card and 100gsm lined paper. Giving it a classy and premium look which works amazing for those in high-end industries. What’s great is you can include card slots, paper slots, pen slots and even a magnet clasp closure to your notebook binder!

This high-quality corporate gift will definetly be a “crowd screamer”. Notebook works amazing for note-taking and starting off your day on the right track. It keeps one organised and prepared for work and school. With our customisation service, you can include features to ease your recipents everyday life. Whether it includes a pen slot to make a pen ever accessible or a card and paper slot to keep small notes or a magnet clasp to quickly close your notebook when on the go. Customising is all about, easing your brand needs. So unleash your ideas with us today!

On top of that, our A5 PU ring notebook binder printing is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. After finishing up the last page of your notes, you can easily swap a new page of notes. Than throwing everything out. More and more consumers, becoming more conscious of what they are buying. So while trying to market your brand through gifts, have a more reusable and sustainable alternative. Can definitely make your brand stand out among your competitors as well as improve your brand image!

For more product inspiration and custom-made drawstring pouches for your brand. You can always explore and check out our Instagram @shopwithtrea! On top of that, you can check out our wide range of Notebook Printing available for your selection! Fret not, we can also source many forms of notebooks should you have an alternative preference. Speak to us today for a comprehensive customisation service!