Dri Fit T Shirt Printing – All You Need To Know About Them in Singapore

dri fit t shirt printing

T shirt Printing in Singapore has now become a very popular way of identity representation. You see them everywhere on the streets, distinguishable only by a company logo. a school crest or an event name. They are highly sought after by corporates, school students and event companies for customisation. While we are all very familiar with this, Dri Fit T Shirt Printing has also been steadily on the rise.

What is a Dri Fit T Shirt you might ask? The material used for a typical Dri Fit t shirt consists of polyester. This fabric material allows you to stay dry and cool in high temperature weather. The breathability of the T Shirt helps in absorbing and evaporating moisture fast. Hence, making it a perfect apparel for outdoor activities. Dri Fit T-shirts are mainly defined by their weaving methods which gives each variation their own unique characteristics. This article aims to discuss all things you need to know about custom dri fit t shirt printing.

Why Dri Fit T Shirts Are Popular in Singapore

The main materials in the clothing line are made up of mostly polyester or cotton. Therefore, making them the top two t shirt materials in the world. Moreover, the popularity of dri fit materials is on the rise with the popular trend of people getting more involved in sports. As compared to 10 years ago, Singaporeans are now more willing to participate in healthy living activities. With more fitness centres being built in our sunny island, the fitness trend looks unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

Putting on a Dri Fit T Shirt gives you a mental boost that preps you for your workout or outdoor activity. Apart from dri fit material fabrics being highly functional, they have also grown to become somewhat of a fashion statement. The dual features make a Custom Dri Fit T Shirt the perfect choice for many.

Why Customise Dri Fit T Shirts

You can customize Dri Fit T Shirts for many purposes. These t-shirts are popular amongst corporate apparels, event tees, and class tees. The fact that they are so versatile make them more desirable compared to a standard cotton t shirt. Furthermore, you can also use them for food and beverage uniforms. Upcoming trends see dri fit t shirts being used by food delivery companies which should be no surprise given their ideal characteristics. While the uses for these t shirts vary, it makes sense to order them in bulk for your team or company staff.

Type of Fabric Materials

There are several fabric materials used in producing dri fit t shirts. However, they can be differentiated by their weaving methods and fabric materials. Four of the more common materials include microfibre, polyester interlock, pique and heather blend, which can be found on our Dri-Fit Polo T Shirt. Weaving methods vary from eyelet, jersey knits to name a few. These are the ones that are mostly available for dri fit t shirt printing in Singapore. Each of them has unique dri fit t shirt characteristics. It is good to understand them before you make a decision.

Available Customisation Services

The good thing about t shirt printing in Singapore is that you have absolute freedom in printing any design you want. Depending on your design, there are various Dri Fit T Shirt Printing methods for your choosing. Silkscreen printing is catered for simple designs from one to four colours. It is ideal for printing company logos with pantone colours. Direct to garment (DTG) and heat transfer printing are more suitable to print designs with different colour gradients or photography images. Embroidery is mostly used for corporate logos that gives a high perceived value. Your printer should be able to advise you on which printing method to use base on your design. It is good to gain insight on each of them through research.

Factors That Affect The Price

Several factors dictate the prices of dri fit t shirts. The first factor is the type of product because each of them vary in materials. The second is the quantity of the order because the more you print the lesser the cost per unit. The type of printing method also affects the prices because more complex designs usually needs to be printed using heat transfer or DTG printing which will cost you more. The size of the print dictates the amount of paint used, hence defining the price. Another factor that is close to this is the number of locations of the printing on your dri fit t-shirt. All these factors will define the cost of your customised dri fit t shirt. It is advisable to talk to several printing firms to see the one that will give you the best dri fit designs at the most competitive prices in the market.

dri fit t shirt printing

The Takeaway

The use of dri fit t shirts will only continue to grow and we have explained why that is. As an apparel, it easily triumphs over the conventional cotton t shirt. They come in as many colours and design variations as you can think of. Custom printing on them is just as easy. So as you are thinking of marketing your brand through t shirt printing, why not try a little something different this time? At TREA, we provide Dri Fit T Shirt Printing and polo t shirt printing services for your specific purpose.