Eco Notepad with Pen (EC16)

Eco Notepad with Pen (EC16) comes with a pen, 5 colourful sticky notes and a memo pad attached. Highly usable eco-friendly gift to take notes on the go. Suitable for single, multiple colours or full-colour printing of corporate branding.

  • Material: Eco Notepad with Pen
  • Paper: 70 Sheets
  • Packaging: OPP Bag
  • Dimension: 10cm(W) x 14.5cm(H)
  • Colour: Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Lime Green

Minimum order quantity of 50pc required for Custom Eco Notepad with Pen. Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for an exclusive wholesale rate for bulk order!



Eco Notepad with Pen (EC16) is an eco-friendly way to jot down your notes. Design your eco notepad with 4 bright bold colours. Made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Protecting both the environment while staying prepared through the benefits of notetaking. Featuring 70 sheets of single-line paper, a memo pad, post-it notes and a pen. Essentially it serves as a set of stationery. This all-in-one Eco Notepad ensures that you are ready when on the go. Therefore, making it ideal for corporates and students.

Notetaking is essential for students as well as employees. It enhances their ability to become more deliberate in organising and presentation of their notes. Moreover, inspiration will definitely spark out of the blue. Carrying a notepad will make remembering much easier and possibly create something innovative. Additionally, this custom corporate gift shows your recipients that you care for the environment by encouraging environmental friendly products into your business. In fact, more and more customers are becoming more eco-conscious and supporting brands that align with their values. Hence, strengthening your brand and impression of giving both thoughtful, useful and sustainable gifts.

EcoNotepad_EC16_INNER VIEW

Corporate Gifting is a common yet effective marketing strategy that optimizes your marketing campaign. It connects with your prospects, strengthens employees productivity and fosters client or customer brand loyalty. Gifts are tangible items which keep recipients connected no matter the distance. Ensuring your brand is on top of your recipient’s mind!

This Eco Notepad with Pen (EC16) is suitable for one colour, multiple colours and full-colour custom printing. It’s the perfect notepad to customize with 4 beautiful solid colours to choose from. We can also source other forms of Eco-friendly Notepad & Notebook in Singapore should you have an alternative preference. Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!