Eco Lunch Box Set (CE35)

Eco Lunch Box Set Printing (CE35) is a fully opaque lunch box with handles that comes in 3 different colours. This item is made with wheat fibre and PP, and more eco-friendly alternative as compared to pure plastic material. It can be printed with any single-coloured corporate branding or logo.

  • Material: Wheat Fiber + PP
  • Dimension: 15.5cm(L) × 14.5cm(D) × 9.5cm(H)
  • Colours: Lime Green, Pink, Powder Blue
  • Utensils: Comes with a spoon

Minimum order quantity of 50pc any design can be printed on the Eco Lunch Box Set Printing, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for an exclusive wholesale rate for bulk order!



Eco Friendly Lunch Box is an ideal eco-friendly corporate gift that promotes hygiene and clean eating habits. This set comes in 3 different colours for customers to choose from.

Lunch boxes are very useful and practical gifts. They come in handy especially for the working class who often takeaway food. This is also advantageous to recipients who highly regard personal hygiene. In addition, by using these washable and reusable cutleries, you are also effectively cutting down the use of plastic bowls and utensils.

Wheat lunch boxes have educational value in cultivating school students with good hygiene practices. They also encourage people to bring their own food to work.

Moreover, they are also great customised corporate gifts to give away at roadshows and exhibitions. Wheat lunch boxes are thoughtful corporate gifts for a good cause. They are durable and safe to consume food with.

Eco Lunch Box Set

Eco Friendly Lunch Box have a single bowl with a additional try stacked on top, giving users 2 place to put their food and utensils. Moreover it also have 2 tab on the side that fasten the lid tightly to keep the food fresh and reduce unnecessary exposure. Also, it comes with a flip up handle for users to to hold the lunch box conveniently or flip down to make the lunch box compact for storing. Furthermore, this lunch box can be customised with single colour printing of any logo/design. Speak to us today for a comprehensive customisation service!

Here are some samples that we have done for our customers for past orders!