Foldable Shoe Bag (Custom From Scratch!)

Custom Foldable Shoe Bag is customisable to your preferred dimension and colour option and features to complement your designs. Lightweight, durable and splash-proof, is an ideal corporate gift for your corporate events! With a MOQ of 100pc, you can customised this portable shoe bag with various printing methods to suit your design requirement.

  • Material: Nylon/Oxford
  • Dimension: 38cm x 20cm x 10cm or custom with your own dimension!
  • Colours: Custom From Scratch!
  • Features: Zip Closure, Strap Detail, Zipper Colours

Minimum order quantity of 100pcs required for customisation on Custom Foldable Shoe Bag. Wholesale prices available!

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Foldable Shoe Bag Printing

Custom Foldable Shoe Bag is a unique, durable and highly usable corporate gift for a wide range of event and audiences. An alternative to plastic carriers and can be used as a promotional gift during product launch. Shows your potential clients, customers and partners your take on reducing carbon footprint and being environmentally conscious.

Foldable Shoe Bag Printing

Custom Foldable Shoe Bag is lightweight, splash-proof and easily portable, conveniently folded up and can be brought around easily as compared to the traditional shoe bag. Fully customisable with your corporate branding, you can choose the zipper material, match the shoe bag colour to your exact corporate colour and even customised the strap to your liking! Options from non-adjustable straps, clip straps which allows flexible attaching to your main baggage to even adjustable straps with a MOQ of 100pc only!

It is a unique gift for roadshows, giveaways or even as a corporate gift for employees, partners and clients. Fully customisable with your corporate identity, this Portable Shoe Bag Printing can be a walking advertisement for your brand thus giving your company more brand exposure! Speak to us to custom from scratch your very own Custom Foldable Shoe Bag!