Foldable Polyester Tote Bag

Foldable Tote Bag Printing is a hand-carried carrier for everyday use! Customisable to your requirements and needs. Additionally, it comes with an inner pocket which will be keeping your tote bag in when it is folded!

  • Material & Thickness: 210D or 420D Polyester
  • Dimension: Custom with your own dimension
  • Printing: Single-colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing

A minimum order quantity of 100pcs is required to customize your Foldable Tote Bag Printing, Wholesale prices are available!

Contact us for an exclusive rate for customization and bulk orders!


Foldable tote bag printing is a convenient shopping bag to go grocery shopping with. We can customise the tote bag to your requirements and needs. The way you like it! It’s made with high-quality polyester material. Making it stain-resistant, durable and lightweight. It includes an inner pocket which will be keeping your tote bag in when it is folded! The best feature is its foldability which allows you to easily slot it into your bags after use. So for people who are highly organised, this is the bag for you!

Have you ever spent the whole day and night, thinking of the most practical gift to give to your recipents? This foldable tote bag printing is it. With many brands going green, having a foldable tote bag is a must-have! It can be used by all ages and it’s genderless. At the end of the day, undoubtedly your gift will definitely be well used!

If you are using this gift to increase your engagement and boost your sales. There are plenty of common yet effective ways to market your brand with this gift. You can use it as a free gift with a purchase. It’s human nature to love gifts especially practical and quality gifts. Moreover, use it as a corporate gift for your employees or customers. Your gift will definetly be used and carried out and about. Making it a “walking billboard” which means free advertising for your brand! So start customizing your foldable bag with us today!

For more gift inspiration and ideas for your brand, you can always check out our Instagram @shopwithtrea! We constantly update our Instagram with new projects we have done for our clients. On top of that, you can check out our wide range of Custom Foldable Bag available for your selection! Should you have an alternative preference? Fret not! We can also source many forms of Foldable Tote Bag Printing. Speak to us today for a comprehensive customisation service!