Corporate Gift Fulfilment Service In Singapore

1. What We Do: Custom Print, Pack and Deliver

TREA’s goal is to become Singapore’s fuss-free one-stop corporate gift fulfilment centre for clients to have their custom corporate gifts packed and delivered or stored for future use. Our services include sourcing for corporate gifts which matches your event needs and customising it with your preferred designs or corporate identity, making it a unique marketing tool. Providing a wide range of custom packaging and packing them for convenient delivery or storage.

fulfillment service
fulfillment service

2. Why Engage TREA For Fullfilment Services?

One-stop service which targets to fulfil your corporate gift needs by providing comprehensive customisation from sourcing of products to personalising of packaging according to your gift. By going with our one-stop corporate gift fulfilment service which is time and cost-efficient as the gift and packaging are customised concurrently and you do not need to source for other vendors for labour packing or storage services. Having been in this industry for close to 9 years, we know the best way to transport your goods to you in the best possible way!

Fulfilment Service

3. How Does Custom Corporate Gift & Fulfilment Services Benefit Your Company?

Corporate Gifts are an important business tool which is used to expresses appreciation to employees, clients, partners, suppliers and potential customers on behalf of the company. It can also act as a memento and goodwill gesture during roadshows and advertising campaigns. Not only does a well-prepared corporate gift enhance your company branding, but it also shows the thought process and effort into conceiving a creative premium gift. This act affirms the relationship and enhances the personal connection between receiver and giver with a personalised corporate gift.

The Takeaway

During times like the pandemic, where changes are unforeseeable and unpredictable, we at TREA will still be able to meet the objective of delivering the custom corporate gift to the doorstep of customers, companies, partners who are on work-from-home and even clients who are overseas! The importance of having a reliable fulfilment service will be a bonus during crucial times. You can count on us with customising corporate gift as marketing or purchase item for an online business or for companies bi-annual events. When events are postponed indefinitely, we can also provide storage for your gifts and send them out when your event resumes. This saves you the hassle of having to rent extra storage and manpower which might cost a bomb! You can trust TREA with your custom corporate gift marketing while you focus on your company operations!

Having a trustworthy vendor who is capable of handling your corporate gift customisation with your corporate branding, packaging of your products to delivery or storing of your gifts for future events is crucial as it is cost and time-efficient. Speak to us now for a quote on fulfilment service!