7 Unique Ways to Customise A Canvas Bag As Corporate Gift 

Does your canvas bag serve as a daily carry all and holds important memories to you? Canvas Tote Bags have become an important accessory to our daily carryall. Chosen because they are highly functional and versatile, carried whether you are dressed up or dressed down. Comes in a wide range of colours and sizes in a durable and wearable material, a Customised Canvas Bag is a must have in your closet! A piece that will carry your daily essentials through a wide variety of events, suitable as practical eco-friendly Corporate Gift Ideas. Why not let it be your signature piece?

Let us take a look at 7 ways to customize your canvas bag for your corporate event! 

1. Choose A Coloured Canvas Fabric

Stand out with a Customised Canvas Bag that spells YOU! With a wide range of colours for your selection, the canvas bag can be customized to your preferred colour. Apart from the basic cream or white coloured canvas bag, why not choose something that blends with your company’s colour palette or even the event details? We have up to 70 colors for your selection!

colored canvas bag

Having a headache about which colour to choose to complement your company’s identity? Choose both! Customisable straps to tie your company’s branding together, take a look at our design for Koufu which we customise the strap colour to match their corporate identity. After choosing a colour that is ideal, you can also pick out the sizes and thickness of your canvas bag. An event goodie bag should be lightweight whereby an errand bag should be thicker and sturdier to store your daily essentials and your shopping items! Looking for a super durable and customizable canvas bag for your heavy school books or maybe for material catalogues? I would suggest the 12oz canvas bag with additional features which brings me to my next point!

2. Additional Sling Straps (Adjustable or Non Adjustable)

With the colour and size of the canvas bag selected. It is time to add in the functions! Combining functionality and aesthetics, the Customised Canvas Bag will be with you regardless of where your lifestyle takes you. Have a canvas bag with a style of their own, customizing it with a sling strap that allows proper weight distribution to ease the weight on your shoulders. With the choice of adjustable or non adjustable sling straps, it is important that you select one that suits your liking. An adjustable sling strap allows you to have multiple ways of carrying your canvas bag, like our Premium Series Adjustable Sling Canvas Bag. You may keep it short and sweet and carry it on your arm or long enough to have over your shoulders. Your choice of sling strap also limits access to your items, which may prevent theft as well! Apart from being able to customize the sling strap to different fabric, length and colour, you can also have a say in the hardware on it!  Gold, silver, black or copper, these little details and may also add in sophistication to your Customised Canvas Bag!

3. Double The Handle

After the selection of your sling strap comes the handles! A Customised Canvas Bag fitted with short grab handles for you to instantly switch things up when you feel like it! Added on top of your existing shoulder straps, the short grab handles can be customized to your preferred colour, material and drop length! Aesthetically pleasing and functional, our Two Way Sling Canvas Bag allows you multiple ways to be carried. A longer drop length makes it ideal as a grab and go bag or a shoulder bag, versatile for various occasions.

4. Secure with Magnet Button or Zip Opening

Almost done with the exterior of the customisation, let’s head into the interior! Enhancing the interior of your canvas bags with different closures and openings, like the additional magnet button on our Premium Canvas Tote Bag giving a trendy sleek look and easily accessible. Or going with the traditional zipper to keep your belongings safe. Zipper fabric and zipper colour can be customisable to complement your branding and design on the Customised Canvas Bag. 

5. Add On Compartment 

Next, the compartment of your Customised Canvas Bag! Canvas bags may be a bottomless pit for many, but not anymore when you can add on compartments! For convenience sake, an exterior pocket can be customized to put your mobile phone or frequently used items close at hand. An internal key lesh so you will never lose your keys with segmented zipper compartments to keep your valuables out of sight! An additional feature for your canvas bag would be padded sleeves for your laptop, making it an all in one canvas bag! Pockets and compartments can be fully customized to your desired dimensions and materials too, you can customize your exterior front pocket with unique PVC material to incorporate your company’s identity. Apart from additional compartments to enhance the usability of the canvas bag, additional designs can add value to the canvas bag to promote or publicize your company’s identity or event! Organised and spacious, this Customised Canvas Bag will be your daily go to bag!

6. Creative Print Design 

The Customised Canvas Bag is fully customizable with various print methods for your design and company branding. Silkscreen printing would be suitable for simple colour designs, it is also a more economical choice for one colour printing. You can also do Heat Transfer printing, customize the bag with multiple colour printing and print edge to edge. Apart from Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, we also have Direct To Garment Printing (DTG) and Dye Sublimation Printing. Direct To Garment Printing would be recommended for designs with attention to detail, colours will be more vibrant and sharp as compared to Heat Transfer Printing. Direct To Garment printing however, is limited to print on 100% cotton canvas bags. Dye Sublimation Printing gives a silk and soft glossy  finishing, best with full surface coloured design. Would also be ideal for full colour printing of company branding if budget allows.

7. Secondary Gift Idea

Apart from having the Customised Canvas Bag fully customisable with your preferred colours, additional or adjustable straps, compartments for your daily essentials, compartments to spice up the casual canvas bag or simply having an outstanding creative print canvas bag, this Customised Canvas Bag will be an eco-friendly secondary corporate gift when used as a gift packaging idea! Making use of this idea as free publicity for when your users carry the bag around, showing your clients your consideration towards the environment and cutting down on the use of plastic.

To round it up, these are the 7 ways to customise your canvas bag! They are timeless and classic, you are able to repurpose and recycle them. From dimension to the fabric material, from colour to hardware of your canvas bag, TREA will be able to fully Customise Tote Bag! Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!