Custom From Scratch Canvas Bags As A Multi-Purpose Corporate Gift

We often wonder the importance of getting your corporate gifts personalised, knowing that corporate gifts are an essential part of being in the corporate world. They may be given as encouragement for your employees, an acknowledgement of partnership or even as a marketing campaign during your roadshows and events.

A highly versatile corporate gift that serves with functionality and with your consumer’s needs in mind is not easily found. With that say, why not custom from scratch your very own multi-purpose corporate gift that meets your event requirement and suits audience’s needs with your branding in mind!

One of the highly acceptable and versatile corporate gifts would be the handy canvas bag, they can be custom from scratch to suit your design requirement with a low MOQ! Take a look at some of the multi-purpose custom from scratch canvas bags as your corporate gifts!

1. Functional Pocket for Your Product Feature!

With thousands of custom canvas bags out there, how do you stand out from your competitors? Be unique to your branding and feature your best selling product, just like how Paris Baguette had functional bags for their marketing campaign! Not only did they feature their product print on the canvas tote bag, they also did a custom from scratch pocket specifically to fit their baguette! This pocket on the exterior of the canvas bag allows you to still carry your necessities and your baguette without dirtying your personal belongings!

Custom Canvas Bag

2. Custom features with consumer’s convenience in mind!

Apart from functional pockets which is ideal for a product feature, you can also go for the convenient and practical canvas bag with front pockets that can be used to store your personal belongings! These practical pockets are made with consumer’s needs in mind, allowing users to reach for their belongings easily without having to ransack the whole bag. Customisable with a single pocket to compartmentalising one large pocket into smaller compartments to having additional features like a zipper or velcro closing is possible when you custom from scratch canvas bag as your corporate gift!

3. Highlighting Your Advertising Material! 

You can also take a look at how this company custom from scratch this multi-purpose canvas bag as their corporate gift that features a custom PVC Pocket canvas bag to showcase their consumer’s new book purchase. It acts as a changeable front which users can highlight their favourite book or latest book that they are reading! Not only did they have this window front to display books, they also have an additional tag to promote their hashtag to increase their brand awareness! Having this clear pocket at the front works well for open house or roadshows where the canvas bag can be a promotional goodie bag with your flyer slot into the front PVC pocket!

Custom PU Pocket Canvas Bag

4. Canvas Bags For Your Every Need! 

Choosing a corporate gift for your clients, partners and employees for company events or for festive seasons will be a breeze with us as you can custom from scratch your canvas bags to suit your design requirements! Take a look at how our client chose to transform the normal canvas bag to a large square base so that they are able to fit their mooncake boxes! This canvas bag is also environmental friendly alternative to paper bags which shows clients that you are doing your part in minimising plastic wastage as well!

Made with thicker canvas material to withstand heavier load, longer grab handles and a large surface area to print your corporate branding, users will be able to reuse this canvas bag for other purposes and will increase your brand awareness even after the festive period!

5. Perfect fit for your product!  

For larger gifts to your clients, we are able to custom the canvas bag to sit specifically one product. Take a look at how we did the custom from scratch canvas wine bag for this company that was giving out wine to their corporate partners!

From the colour of the fabric to adding features like pockets or grab handles, single bottle holder to double or even 4 bottle holders! Reinforced material to withstand the weight of the wine. This custom from scratch wine bottle holder will be an ideal corporate gift for those in the food & beverage industry!

6. Reversible Canvas Bag with printing that matches your branding!

Have a corporate branding with intricate design or vibrant colours that is harder to achieve with normal printing? Fret not, we are able to do full-colour printing of your corporate branding or designs to showcase the true vibrancy! With the attention to details and ensuring the closest match to your design, we are able to provide you with a high-quality corporate gift which is suitable for a wide range of event and audience.

For instance, this canvas bag is made of high-quality canvas material with a full-colour edge to edge printing and it is also reversible! Going for a custom reversible canvas bag allows your end-user to have a choice between a vibrant canvas bag or a low profile tone which is on the other side.

This also maximised brand awareness as consumers are likely to switch between sides than to change a whole new bag to freshen up their look!

After all, standing out from your competitors and custom made gift with your audience’s needs in mind couldn’t be more perfect! The multi-purpose canvas bags that highlights your company and is also the go-to bag for your consumers! From dimension to material, grab handles to additional features, TREA will be able to fully Customise Tote Bag! Speak to us now for a comprehensive customisation service!