5 Things You Should Know About Custom T shirt Printing in Singapore

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T shirts are a must-have in every wardrobe. They are the default form of clothing that you see daily when you stroll down the streets of Singapore. What makes them a unique apparel choice is its universal and timeless appeal.

Personalising your own custom t shirt is no longer just a trend, it has become a primary form of representation. Whether you are a corporate at a roadshow, a student wearing her customised class t shirt or an employee in a shopping mall store. A custom t shirt gives you an identity through t shirt printing.

Here are a few things to note about custom made t shirts.

1. Purpose Of Custom T-shirt

Custom t-shirts are made to follow your specifications. Most customised t-shirts are made with the goal of representing your brand. They will bear your company logo in your corporate colours. With the easy option of further personalising them with printed texts, numbers or messages. They are an extension of your company with you as the mascot.

That being said, they are not limited to use only by corporates. Schools, restaurants, mall shops use them too for schools excursions or as uniforms. Regardless of whether it is your intention to use T-shirts as marketing tools, they will help you carry your brand.

Some companies use custom t-shirts for special occasions or to commemorate certain cohesion outings. Similar to customised corporate gifts, these t-shirts can also be used as appreciative gifts that you can give to employees, friends or when you want to give someone something of value.

2. The Most Commonly Printed Apparels

Cotton t-shirts are one of the most popular and common shirt types to be custom printed on in Singapore. They come in different variants and thickness and produce the best print quality. A cotton t-shirt is able to withstand wear and tear and persistent washing throughout its lifetime. They come in different variety of styles such as the Raglan, Heather Blend, Ringer, V neck as well as more premium cotton. You are able to pick a style that best fits the occasion.

Dri fit t-shirts are made with a mix of 100% polyester and 100% microfiber. The material is made to keep you dry and cool. Hence, making them a popular choice of the t-shirt when it comes to outdoor use. It is lightweight, elastic, durable and has water-repelling abilities. This t-shirt material is commonly used for company sports events and activities.

3. How Are Prices Determined

Printing companies will negotiate with you the amount you spend depending on several factors which includes but are not limited to:

  • The type and material of t shirt you choose
  • The quantity of t shirts you want to purchase
  • The design artwork or logo that you want to print
  • The type of printing method

Depending on the above factors, your printer will give you a breakdown of the price for a t shirt along with the cost for printing. Purchasing in bulk will offer you a cheaper overall price as compared to lower quantity orders.

The colors of your design can also determine the type of printing method that is most suited for your custom t shirt. The shirt printing methods now have evolved from the traditional silk screen printing to new methods such as heat transfer, DTG, dye sublimation and embroidery.

It is your printer’s responsibility to tell you which method will work best before concluding an overall price. It is useful to look for a printing company that has good reviews so that you know you are paying for quality products.

4. The Process Of T-Shirt Printing

If you are unsure of what is the best t-shirt printing method to print your design, you can contact the printing company for advice. They will have readily available samples to show you the different types of t-shirts and printing methods they offer. You will also need to inform them of the date in which you will need to collect the custom printed t-shirts.

It is important to factor in the time needed for your printer to fulfil your order. Depending on whether the production is done locally or overseas, the order can typically take about 2 weeks. After the t-shirt and design is confirmed, you will then be able to negotiate the price and finalize on the finished date. You will not be able to make changes to the design once production has started. Any changes made during this time may result in a cancellation of the order.

5. Silk Screen Printing vs. Digital printing

The most conventional method of printing is the silkscreen printing method. The technique is highly versatile, and is one of the most used methods of printing in Singapore. It can be used to print pantone colors which is ideal for companies who use a specific color to represent their corporate brand.

This method of printing is also cheaper as compared the newer methods in the industry. It is an ideal method to print designs with solid colors. As much as there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages of silk screen printing. Additional materials and resources have to be made in order to go through the silk screen printing process successfully.

Digital printing on the other hand, supports full colour printing, overlapping colours and photography images. It may be more costly but it gives you many different options as to how you want your designs to be printed. However, if you are looking to print a large number of t shirts, silk screen printing is still considerably cheaper and more efficient for bulk printing.

Silkscreen has limitations where there are more colours, and it may not be able to print overlapping colours. In any case, your printer should also inform you of colour variances between your soft copy design and the actual printed product and whether or not they can fix it.

The Takeaway

These are 5 fundamental points that will make your t-shirt printing experience a smooth journey. The t-shirt printing industry in Singapore as it is, is fiercely competitive. Knowing some facts and little basics can help you cut a better deal to get your custom t-shirts done from the best printers in town.

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