The Most Popular Coffee Mugs As Corporate Gift For Employees

Who doesn’t get excited for their coffee and tea breaks first thing in the morning? As a coffee lover myself, I strongly believe that having coffee before starting the day boosts my productivity by 2 times. In fact, I think I need coffee so much I bring it along wherever I go as much as possible, with the help of my handy-dandy stainless steel mug to keep it warm and ready. As you are reading this article, you’re probably looking around to see what types of mugs are available here to hold your perk-me-up drinks. And most importantly, for placing the design you have in mind, which types of mugs are most suitable?

Looking to get corporate gifts in Singapore to show appreciation to your clients or employees with a heartfelt-designed portable mug so they can have their favourite beverage while on the go? Thinking of ways to advertise your brand but not sure where to place the logo at? Or want to make sure everyone in your company doesn’t have to strangle each other and fight for coffee mugs at the office pantry? Here at TREA, we have different types of custom coffee mugs with different materials, utility, and durability to cater to your needs.  Let’s take a look at the different types of custom coffee mugs that we offer.

1. Regular Ceramic Mug

Classic ceramic mug. This is the one you find at the corner of every household kitchen. Just like an old-time childhood friend, you might know for a long time, this type of mug is familiar and reliable, but fragile. Our custom regular ceramic mugs are designed with ceramic without coating materials to ensure ease with cleaning and durability, which comes in the design of one single colour as the exterior including the interior of the whole mug. Different colours on the exterior of the mug as the logo design are available, including silk screen printing. Comes in the capacity of 400ML only.

Our recommendation? Perhaps keep this out of your selection if there are intentions of gifting this type of mug to an audience that includes kids, for their safety’s sake due to the fragileness of ceramic shattering to pieces. Otherwise, this is an easy choice to select!

2. Enamel Mug

See the mugs that the teh-tarik uncle at your favourite coffee shop uses for their teh-tarik “magic trick”? (pulled tea technique if I’m not wrong, write to us and let us know if I’m wrong) This is the one that they use. Lightweight, durable, and easy to hold, this is made with enamelled steel with stainless steel rim on top which you can see the visual contrast between the whole mug and the top steel rim. Design-wise, our enamel mug printing allows one-colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing, coming in the colour and size choices of white-base interior only, with stainless steel rims with dimensions of 8cm height + 8.5cm diameter, black coated rims with dimensions of 8cm height + 9cm diameter, or blue coated rims with dimensions of 9cm height + 10cm diameter.

Plans for hiking or a picnic trip? These are easy partners to bring along due to how light and durable it is.

Just remember not to put these into the microwave.

3. Silicone Collapsible Mug

Very tiny. This is half the height of regular tumblers or any mugs. This is so tiny I can easily fit this into my hand-held clutch bag and be excited to bring it back on the way home after having a good coffee in the office, instead of having to carry an extra paper bag with a bottle that takes up a lot of space. This is made with food-grade silicone and recyclable PP material, which is good news for you if you use the microwave to heat up your drinks a lot! The final form of this cup is that it can unfold to become a full, life-sized mug that can hold your favourite beverages with just a simple push. It has a “slap-on” lid to keep your drink safe from spilling. And the best part of this is, you can put it back to its tiny form once you’re done with your drink with another simple push. Easy for the hands to hold, there is a heat-resistant hand cover available at the bottom slot of the collapsed mug for you to slot onto the mug. (think of the cardboard ring coffee houses give to you to hold your hot paper cup) Our silicone collapsible cup printing allows only a one-colored simple design, which is perfect if the logo design you have in mind consists of words only. Holding capacities are 350ML and 550ML, and comes with a hiking hook to hang on your backpack!

If you’re like me and would want to have a very easy-to-carry microwavable mug, this is a considerable choice.

4. Stainless Steel Mug with Filter

If you’re a fan of making your own tea with fresh tea leaves, but not a fan of having tea leaves swallowed down your throat, take a close look at what is at the top of the mug. It has an in-built easy-to-remove filter at the top of the mug, which you can also fit tightly in place at the top of the mug, allowing you to enjoy your freshly made tea while having the filter preventing the tea leaves from seeping through while you drink it. This big guy comes in a screw-on cover to keep your drinks chilled or heated, and has a firm handle on the sides for you to hold it with ease. Comes in 400ML only, you can select from sleek colours of black, gold, and silver. Our stainless steel mug printing comes available in one colour, multiple colours, or full-colour printing.

Tea lovers, search and scroll no more. A simple decision to make.

5. Stainless Steel Mug with Lid

The sippy mug. This has a small sipping hole at the top of the mug if you enjoy sipping your coffee while watching Youtube at your computer desk, or just sipping your tea while having a nice chat at your neighbourhood bench. This is eco-friendly if you are one to support reducing paper and plastic cup waste, which you can bring outdoors for takeaways. With a firm flip-top at the top as a lid to prevent drink spillage, this comes in 500ML only. Our custom stainless steel mug is suitable for one-colour, multiple colours, or full-colour printing.

Suitable for sippers who would like to keep their drinks warm and cosy.

6. Insulated Coffee Mug 500ML

This is kind of similar to the stainless steel mug with a lid, isn’t it? It has the same flip-top lid at the top, and a sipping hole at the top, and also comes in the same stainless material, being able to keep your drinks warm as well as the previous type of stainless steel mug. Difference? Slimmer and taller. The sipping hole is larger and less protruded compared to the previous one, and I can see this being more suitable for people with smaller hands as it’s easier to hold. Coming in 550ML only with the colour availability of black, white, and navy, our insulated custom coffee mugs allow one colour, multiple colours, or full-colour printing as well.

Sippy custom coffee mugs for smaller hands, I guess?

7. Stainless Steel Mug with Straw

If you were to ask the magic mirror in Snow White which one is the most eco-friendly stainless steel mug of them all? I reckon he would tell you that his time is better spent answering better questions. But you were to ask us? This is definitely the one. Paired with a curved stainless steel straw, a silicone lid to maintain drink temperature, a silicone sleeve to protect your hands from scalding, and a cleaning brush to thoroughly clean your straw, this is a great choice for you to hold your hold or cold favorite drink in the office pantry. Comes in dimensions of 7.2 x 5.3 x 8.2 cm for the mini-sized, 8.2 x 5.5 x 10.5 cm for small, and 8.9 x 6 x 12.5 cm for big. Our custom stainless steel mug with straw allows selections of colours from silver, black, rainbow, gold, and copper-gold.

Gentle reminder to NOT use the straws to sip hot drinks as they are not temperature-resistant.

To unite the beverage lovers in your company, to simply show appreciation to your loved ones, or to have them remember your company every time they have a warm pleasant drink, mugs as are a great choice. Queries on our custom coffee mugs or corporate gift printing? Write to us and let us know how we can discuss and help now!