Custom Backpack Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

I woke up on Sunday morning to write this article, and I have to say that my initial lack of backpack knowledge to write this article, it’s giving me a huge headache. Before any research, I had always thought that backpacks only come in the form of a compartment to place your belongings, with two straps attached to it for one to carry over the shoulders. I have never been more wrong, until now. If you’re just like me and unaware of the different kinds of backpacks, and unsure of which one to pick for your corporate gifting in Singapore, I got your BACK, friend! (pun very intended)

1. Laptop Backpack

The ideal corporate backpack. The handy-dandy backpack allows you to put your name cards, portable charger, pens, notebooks, and laptop in various pocket compartments, which would be great for you if you can’t stand having all your belongings unkempt and all over the place in the bag.

With two zip compartments at the front of the backpack to stuff in your last-minute items, this also has a side pocket for you to insert your bottle (speaking of bottles, check out our corporate gift printing for bottles as well). Plus, also removes the pesky need for you to hold your portable charger while ensuring you have enough battery to watch Tiktok on your way home, as this backpack has a side hole for your cable! Made with sturdy and durable Oxford cloth material (those used to make your dress/office shirts as well), this becomes a lightweight and water-resistant essential that adds convenience to your daily hustle. The laptop backpack printings come in single or multiple-colour printing.

Office people with any sort of “OCD” who can’t stand a huge mess in your presence as I do, this shall be your top pick!

2. Sports Backpack

This is as straightforward as it can get. If you sport, you get a sports backpack. No, but really, this screams “I’m on the way to hiking/gym/badminton”. The good news for sports enthusiasts, this is machine washable after that long day of perspiration but still having to wear your backpack back on. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your backpack to constantly smell terrible and have everyone be safety-distancing from you, do you? (getting a little bit of safety-distancing PTSD while writing this)

With 2 compartments and a lining pocket finished with a full lining inner with ribbon, you can expect to stuff your shoe bag in, and still have space for your dry-fit sports tee and water bottle. Made with nylon, it is generally the most durable material that’s water-resistant and super tough, which is especially great if you’re a fan of outdoor hiking to keep your belongings safe and rain-free, as they should be. Our custom sports nylon backpack allows single, multiple, or full-coloured printing.

Nature hiking and sports people, this gets my recommendation as your choice of backpack.

Just remember not to put these into the microwave.

3. Foldable Lightweight Backpack

Woah these are flashy, aren’t they? Not only a fashion statement, but these are also super portable and lightweight. I can see these being suitable for packing into luggage while on a flight overseas, and tugging it out when shopping in your desired country when you plan to stuff those souvenirs into your backpack. (Who is eager to head to Japan and Taiwan as I do?)

The beauty of these is that it is flexible in utility due to how little space they can possibly take up, and transform into a practical backpack, from a tiny little handheld bag that you can hold like a handbag. Made with ripstop nylon (imagine the material tentages use), these are water-resistant and have a great deal of flexibility which is great for your overseas travelling against those unwanted rainy weather. Our foldable backpack printing is available in single, multiple, or full-coloured printing.

People with wanderlust (I don’t even know if this is still the trendy term for people who love travelling anymore, I might be old), this can be added into your consideration for sure.

4. Foldable Backpack (Premium)

Ooh, kind of fancy. If you were to ask me between these backpacks which would be the one to bring class to the table, this is definitely it. For corporate usage with the intention of wanting to have your employees feeling more “atas” and proud of being part of your company, and showing your company logo loud and proud to the world, the premium foldable backpacks are one level above the rest.

With two compartments at the side allowing bottles and umbrellas to be placed in, this is similar to the foldable lightweight backpack (product number 3 above) which allows folding of the backpack and transforming it into a teeny-tiny handheld bag for your convenience, with the difference of this being made with higher quality nylon material that is water resistant while giving you an opportunity to flaunt your corporate identity more proudly with your desired logo on the exterior. Our custom foldable backpack printing allows single, multiple, or full-coloured printing.

With slight “atas-ness” and convenience in mind, this could possibly raise your team’s morale, giving them a sense of team belonging with the enhanced backpack outlook they carry from home to work.

5. Foldable Drawstring Backpack

I used to use my drawstring backpack a lot when I was in my poly days. With how little space it takes at home and how you can pretty much lug all your essentials in, this brings back a lot of memories of how much time it spent with me at school and the gym.

This is slightly different from your usual drawstring backpacks. With the usual string straps on the back, this also has a long strap at the top, which allows different ways of carrying your backpack, depending on the load you’re carrying. It also has an extra compartment on the exterior, allowing several more items to be carried along your journey. And that’s not all, it can also be folded into a tiny pouch when needed! A good pick if you like the look of drawstring bags and how little weight it is, while also wanting the flexibility of keeping them when not needed. With the selection of Polyester, Oxford, or Canvas material, we can also customize the dimensions according to your needs. These custom foldable drawstring backpacks are available in single, multiple, or full-coloured printing.

Drawstring backpack lovers, this is a versatile kind of backpack that is a considerable option to fit different kinds of activities accordingly.

6. Rolltop Backpack

HUGE! This has plenty of space for you to pack your daily essentials into it and easily take them out with how you are able to see what you are taking with that large top opening. This is a great feature to have, especially if you have often been called Doraemon by your very loved ones for the wide range of items you carry.

For example, if you’re a photographer with plenty of gear and lens to carry along or a professional video designer with your reliable laptop, portable keyboard, and headphones, this would be spacious enough to carry your desired professional gear. These are made with 2-tone nylon material that has slight contrast in colour. Customizable with silkscreen, heat transfer, and embroidery, our custom rolltop backpacks can fit your corporate logo in many ways you desire.

Professionals with plenty of gear to bring along your journey while wanting to keep it especially organized like different kinds of food in a bento box, this is a worthy one for you to add to your daily essentials.

7. Trolley Backpack

Guys, I am going so much into childhood memory lane with this article. These trolley backpacks were a huge flex during my primary school days. Remember how we used to have to carry so many textbooks that it started to be a chore before EVEN starting school? I remember. These backpacks were my lifesaver with how easy it can be for carrying large loads of items. As an adult currently, I can see this being so useful, just like a portable suitcase that you can carry on your back as and when you want and need it.

Being a hassle-free 2-wheeler bag, these are made with sturdy nylon material with a full lining inner with ribbon that is designed for heavy load, which you can kiss a very slight goodbye to those shoulder and backache problems on your way to work (disclaimer: not a miracle product, just reduces one of your bodily problems). And when on wheels mode, there is an extendable handle on top of the bag which allows you to push around your load easily, where the whole backpack sits on a trolley base that can be removed and used as a normal backpack. Made with nylon, these are durable, water-resistant, and have 3 compartments. Our custom trolley backpacks come with silkscreen, heat transfer printing, and embroidery of your corporate branding.

You can expect to roll your back aches away with these ones. Repeat after me. Roll your backaches away.

(also, I see an opportunity for a walking/rolling billboard with that great logo you have in mind on these bags!)

8. PVC Backpack

This one kind of looks… rubbery but yet technical to me? A very unfamiliar feeling while touching the backpack. For those who are very into technical details, PVC is a synthetic type of plastic that you can see being used for water supply pipes and sewage systems. First thing you might be wondering: Who cares about pipes? What’s the point of you bringing this point up? These are in fact great indicators that PVC material is in fact, WATERPROOF.

This PVC backpack that we offer is the only type of backpack out of this article list that makes the waterproof list, and well, if you’re inching your decision towards this material of backpack by any chance, I’m sure you already had a very specific purpose in mind for possibly choosing this out of the other backpacks. And the best of it all is that this can be easily wiped with a damp cloth should there be any sort of spillage or dirt on it. For our PVC backpack printing, we offer solely silkscreen printing of any design you desire.

This should be your top pick should you foresee yourself being frequently at places that are… very likely to get your backpack muddy, dusty, and generally just dirty activities. For example, suitable for employees working at construction sites, sewage cleanup, and civil engineers, just to name a few.

PVC Backpack Printing (MB34)

9. Anti Theft Backpack

Finally, the most specialized of them all. This is pretty much very self-explanatory. With the zipper position nearest your back, it prevents those sneaky sticky fingers from getting close to your valuables. Having these in your possession, there shall be no swiping of your precious dollar bills overseas, and your beloved Macbook Pro shall stay with you even in the shadiest crowded corners with many opportunities for those thieves to swipe it.

Made with Oxford cloth, you can expect a lightweight, water-resistant, and ALMOST theft-free experience (I put emphasis on almost due to the fact that these are not made with anti-slash material, but still, a good deterrent to those pesky pickpockets). Not forgetting to mention, this has a slightly elegant look to it, which can definitely be a plus point if your clients or employees belonging to a company that tends to carry valuable valuables frequently while wanting to have peace of mind at whichever location they are at. Our anti-theft backpack printing comes with single or full-coloured printing.

Bear in mind, if those thieves are really that desperate in trying to pickpocket your valuables, these are still not thieves-proof, but they still are able to slow down these criminals. Otherwise, planning to head for a group overseas work trip with your precious equipment along or just simply wanting to ensure that your team has peace of mind? Look no further.

All in all, backpacks pretty much have the same utility; to carry your valuables. The main differences are in utility and outlook, depending on the types of activities and environment you plan to use them. If you’re still needing extra information to help you make a decision on corporate gift printing regarding custom backpacks, write to us and let’s have a discussion now!