15 Popular Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore

Like in all areas of life, relationships are very significant in the corporate world. Through purchasing corporate gifts in Singapore, you can have a pleasant and friendly relationship with your clients and business partners, which in turn can create a successful occupational endeavour. Gift giving has today become a very popular way of establishing such a thriving relationship and demonstrating admiration for all corporate stakeholders. Even so, Singaporeans have vast ethnic and cultural backgrounds and thus when choosing corporate gifts in Singapore, it is vital to consider their different interests, etiquette, and traditions. Amid that, here are the top 10 unique but befitting Corporate Gift Ideas in Singapore.

1. Canvas tote bag printing

Recipients appreciate tote bags because they are less common and are not always expected as a gift. These multipurpose bags are an eco-friendly alternative since they are made of recycled materials, which are flexible and tough to stand the tests of time. With suitable cut-out handle or shoulder straps, a uniquely printed canvas bag in Singapore is distinctive and memorable due to its usefulness and increased functionality. You can incorporate on it your own brand logo a witty message, a call-to-action, or stunning picture to help people recognise it from miles away and enhance their brand recall rates.

2. Canvas zipper pouch

Globally, there has been a rapid environmental degradation over the years. This has led to the emergence of green marketing initiatives and an ever-growing popularity of canvas zipper pouches. The pouches are durable and reusable, and can ultimately lower the use of plastic bags. Besides, the canvas fabric is extremely receptive to ink transfer and personalizing it to meet your recipients’ interests is easy. The canvas zipper pouch gift allows the recipient to have ample room to carry cosmetics, pens, credit cards, business cards, and driver license. Nonetheless, the pouch is conveniently small that you can slip it in the purse.

3. Drawstring bag printing

Due to their practical usage, drawstring bags are becoming a top consideration as a Corporate Gift Ideas. It is easily customisable with artwork printing and the large printing area allows you to deliver a meaningful and subtle message. They are typically durable especially polyester drawstrings, which can last a lifetime even with frequent usage. Also, an outstanding printed drawstring bag is reusable and is compatible with any dress code and fits all occasions and hence all end users will comfortably carry them around.

4. Non-woven bag printing

Gifts are a symbol of your love and care for people very important to you. Many people find it very difficult to choose gifts that could bring joy to people they care so much. Others would spend thousands of dollars just to buy things that will make their recipients happy. It is like buying anything as long as you think it’s worth the value you had for them.

However, when it comes to choosing corporate gifts for your clients, non-woven bags is a nice gift that can be used as a customised corporate gift in different industries. They are lightweight and are more durable than most paper bags. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and hence your brand will undoubtedly reflect well on social responsibility and saving nature. Try printing on the non-woven bag in Singapore to promote your brand and enjoy the beauty of marketing effects it can bring to your corporate.

5. Pen printing

Gifts are the best ways to send your deepest thoughts and feelings to someone or a client whom you have treasured in your life. It comes in a wide variety of designs, styles and sizes and typically varies in pricing rate. However, as what we have known, it is not the cost that matters; it is the thought that comes with it. That’s why; Pens have, are, and will always be a good choice for a formal gift. They are a delicate, elegant, and tasteful gift can be given even to acquaintances.

Today, there are various options of personalizing the pens such as imprinting the name of the recipient. Using the personalized stationery implies a different level of communication – A much more special and sophisticated one. Even if they are incredibly personal or standard, premium pens for corporations in Singapore are timeless gifts that most people will be exhilarated to receive. Why personalised pens are great gifts lies in its simplicity and usefulness.

6. Notebook printing 

Even though tablet family products have gained immense popularity, most individuals still fancy putting pen to paper when it comes to creating quick notes. Thus, printing elegant notebooks in Singapore is trendy and has a myriad of benefits as it comes in all sorts of sizes, shapes, styles, and colours. You can keep it clean and classy if you are not too close with the recipient or personalize it with a person’s name on the cover or imprinting a famous quote that you know the recipient is fond of. Besides, it is a splendid option if you want to pick a gift for a bigger group of people.

7. Custom USB flash drive

It may not be the first electronic gadget you think of but the usefulness of USB flash drive should never be frowned upon. USB flash drives are a significant part of today’s day-to-day life. This is because there is a high amount of information and data including documents and pictures that people need to carry around. Thus bestowing upon your stakeholders a company customised USB flash drive can be deemed fitting in today’s society. The flash drives can be custom printed with your logo and business information to help you promote your corporation in Singapore. Besides, there are 3D USB flash drive customisation services to meet all your branding needs.

usb pen

8. Customised travel adaptor

Trends indicate that Singaporeans enjoy both conventional and unconventional travel experiences. To cater to these new demands, corporate businesses can introduce more unique travel experiences. Giving out custom printed travel adaptors as corporate gifts can come in handy for your recipients in the event they cannot find suitable adaptors for their electronic devices. Also, you can personalise these world adaptors with company logos and make them your marketing effort to create brand awareness.

9. Water bottle printing

The power of sending gifts to your treasured clients is indispensable. There is no better way of doing this than gifting them with custom water bottles. Doing so, allow corporates to have their businesses well represented in a distinctive, fun and practical way. They come in different shapes, colours, capacities and give you a lot of room for creativity in creating an impeccable visual impact and good impression. Since the customised water bottles Singapore is used in daily lives and carried everywhere by recipients, your message will be read again and again. Besides, you can get an up-to-date bottle design that utilizes superior material and thus an excellent gift for customers that are conscious of their health and care for nature.

10. T-shirts printing

The use of printed T-shirts for companies in Singapore is today being used as a marketing strategy for effective and reliable results. Therefore, giving out branded T-shirts can be an extension of your advertising only with additional benefits. They can promote team spirit, help you to recognize the employees and other corporate parties, as well as create a professional and reliable brand image.

11. Vacuum Flask 

Find yourself stuck with the usual types of corporate gift? Trying to stand out from the crowd with a unique corporate gift for a company’s event for clients, partners and even employees? The Custom Vacuum Flask would make a unique, practical and highly usable gift for a wide range of audience. This too is also an extension of advertising as people are more seen carrying a water bottle around and therefore providing marketing for your business.

12. Laptop Case

Apart from daily essentials that one would be seen carrying, an ideal corporate gift that seems to be on the rising would be a custom laptop case. Practical and also usable for a wide range of events, customisable with your corporate branding and with a large print surface, this is also another platform where your product will also be your marketing and therefore attracting more eyes on your brand.

13. Lunch Box 

Another item that is growing on the market would be the use of eco-friendly lunch boxes. Promoting your brand with eco-friendly corporate gifts allows you to connect with a larger audience like those who are more environmentally conscious.  Apart from eco-friendliness, these lunch boxes have to be food-safe, microwavable and highly usable for a wide range of corporate events and receiver. One of the crowd favourite Microwavable Stainless Steel Lunch Box comes with compartments and utensils, customisable with a large print surface of your corporate branding too!

14. Cooler Bags 

Encouraging your audience to use less plastic and be more environmentally conscious with the pairing of a Custom Cooler Bag with your lunch box gift! Cooler bags are eco-friendly and target a wide range of audience ranging from working adults to children, exposing your brand to a larger crowd. With more eyes on your brand, recognition and clientele will increase for your company. Moreover, these custom cooler bags are practical, durable and with a large print surface for your corporate identity or event details!

15. Reversible Canvas Bag

As gifts get fancier and more elaborated, why not stick with the classic but with a twist? Featuring a dual side reversible canvas bag that supports full-colour printing of your corporate branding or design to suit your event. Gifting of a custom canvas bag is a thoughtful, practical and highly usable for a wide range of audience, it also serves as a walking advertisement and allows more exposure of your brand and event. Customisable with single-colour, multiple colours and full-colour design on each side, you can also custom from scratch the handles and label tag to suit your corporate event too!

custom reversible bag

The Takeaway

Gifts are essential elements to enhance connections, build rapport and can even mend broken relationships. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs and types that can promote ultimate satisfaction. Typically, gifting means a lot and will always be an expression of how much you value your clients. It brings a warm feeling of happiness, security and care that will keep you connected to your clients, knowing that you value them.

Typically, they are imperatively beneficial for any flourishing corporate business. It helps you in articulating your appreciation and serves as a memento and goodwill gesture. To create that impact, it is crucial to choose a gift that resonates with your brand and clients’ interests. Remember, you need a one-of-its-kind corporate gift printing that will make the recipient feel special and instil in them a sense of customer loyalty.