Canvas Zipper Pouch (Custom From Scratch!)

Custom Canvas Zipper Pouch is available for customisation from scratch to your preferred dimension and various thicknesses! Additional features such as metal zip, inner lining and inner logo printing can be added.

  • Dimension: Regular 20cm x 16cm or customised with your own dimension
  • Thickness: Recommended 12oz, otherwise 8oz thin canvas or 16oz thick canvas
  • Color: Natural canvas cream, Bleached white, Half bleached white, Black or any fabric color of your choice!

Minimum order quantity of 100pc for custom canvas zipper pouch from scratch! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

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Custom Made Canvas Zipper Pouch From Scratch!

Custom Canvas Zipper Pouch can be printed with any design and customised to your preferred dimension, thickness and colour. Minimum order quantity of only 100pc! If you are looking at an A5 canvas zipper pouch, we have a ready-stock option for you to add personalised custom printing!

For a simple and single-colour design, we will recommend silkscreen printing for a more economical choice. Usually, we will only recommend silkscreen printing for designs with less than 4 colours.

The pictures below shows the products we have done, using Silkscreen Printing method.

We assure you satisfaction in our service and product outcome. We frequently receive repeat orders from the same companies!

For full colour designs such as designs with gradient or photography images, we will propose either Heat Transfer printing or Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. For our DTG printing, it gives a no hand feel print outcome which is generally a preferred option. Do note that for DTG printing can only be done on white (preferred) or cream fabric.

The images below shows Canvas Zipper Pouches printed with DTG/Dye-Sub printing.

custom canvas pouch singapore

Custom from scratch zipper pouch allows you to have a wide range of customisations done. From full-surface printing on both sides of the zipper pouch, to adding additional features like a clip strap for convenience or even the colour and material of the zipper! Below are some pictures for your visual reference.

Heat transfer printing enhances the colour vibrancy of your brought-in designs for printing on the pouches. Heat Transfer gives a printed texture (sort of a little pop-up) and might require an approx 2mm border around the printing to ensure the design is full.  However, the border will be printed in a colour closest to the pouch colour so it is not too visually obvious. Heat transfer printing will be applied if the design is in full colour and/or the canvas pouch is not white/cream coloured.

The images below shows custom zipper pouch printed with Heat Transfer printing.

In addition, we can also customise Custom Canvas Zipper Pouch with a metal zips instead of normal zips. Other requirements such as adding label printing in the pouch can also be done. From the pouch’s head to toe, zip to bottom, feel free to tell us if you would like any special additions to your customisations!

Pick A Color For Your Customised Zipper Pouch!

Custom Canvas Zipper Pouch can be fully customised to your dimension and printing, only at a MOQ of 100pc only! Various customisation printing methods are available to suit your design and quantity requirements, featuring as Silkscreen printing, DTG printing and Heat Transfer printing method. We have up to 68 fabric colours for your selection. They come in different thicknesses such as 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. Pick one that could best portray your branding and design!

Excited to know how your design will turn out on the pouches? Speak to us right now, let’s have a chat and explore the imagination!