Top 5 Customisation On Your Cooler Bags


Do you know that apart from the basic insulated Custom Cooler Bag feature of thermal foil, there is so much more customization that can be done? Customized to incorporate your company identity and perfect for promotional gifts, corporate events and even company events for your employees and partners. Take a look at these 5 ways to customise your cooler bags!

1. Properties Of A Cooler Bag

The insulated foil on the inner compartment of the cooler bags are food-safe, lightweight and is an ideal solution to keeping contents at a close temperature to the one they were previously stored at. The standard thickness for the inner foil is kept at 2mm but for maximum thermal functions, we can customize it to 3mm thickness upon your request! Heat can be a primary environmental hazard in the transportation of items which are temperature sensitive, therefore it is ideal to keep food fresh with the Foldable Cooler Bag that not only is practical but also sleek and chic!

Custom Cooler Bags

2. Material Plays A Part

The material of the Custom Thermal Bags also plays a big part in ensuring that it is durable and will also appeal to the eco-conscious crowd. You are not only doing your part for the environment but also maintaining freshness in your products be it from the grocery, from the journey to school or even when you take away food. The most common Custom Foldable Cooler Bags are made from nylon, non-woven, oxford and laminated or even metallic. These fabrics are eco-friendly and are more resistant than single-use plastic.

3. Ensuring Maximum Freshness

There is a wide range of closure customizable to suit your Thermal Bag design. From full Velcro closing to Velcro flap or to a 3 ways zip closure. They will differ in preserving the freshness of your food as Velcro flap closure allows a gap that weakens persevering properties of the cooler bag. The Custom Velcro Cooler Bag with the velcro closure makes it look sleek and chic as compared to the zipper closure. The zipper functions prevent contents to be spilt out, protects the food from exposure to dust and insects too!

4. Detailing Are Crucial!

A few other components which will improve the durability of the Custom Cooler Bag would be reinforced cross-stitching to carry a heavier load and added adjustable sling on top of the grab handles or the kind of openings you want for these Custom Thermal Bags. These are essential if you are planning for a corporate gift that can be used for a wide range of event, that will be carrying your brand image and being reminded of your company everytime they use the cooler bag.

5. Making Your Corporate Gift Stand Out

Now comes the most important part of the Cooler Bag, your identity! The importance of choosing the right colour scheme to match your corporate branding, and the need for it to be practical, with high usability to a variety of age group, the Custom Cooler Bag is a great promotional item or giveaway as it consists of a large print surface for your corporate branding. With a wide variety of printing methods to suit your design requirement like heat transfer in single, multiple or full-colour printing of your corporate branding. Metallic is one of the materials for the Cooler Bags can only be done with silkscreen printing. These Cooler Bags will be hand-carried to many places and this is an ideal corporate gift with a good marketing strategy!

Both The Inside and Outside Matters

What are the Top Benefits Of Using Insulated Cooler Bags? Apart from being practical and unique, our custom cooler bags are ideal for keeping contents fresh for a longer amount of time as they consist of high quality insulated thermal layers. Ideal for grocery shopping, picnics and casual outings or even transporting or storing of fresh food for a short ride. Other than having great properties in a cooler bag, customizing it to blend with your corporate identity and value adds on your branding. You can also take a look at our Top 8 Lunch Boxes That Speaks About You to match your Customised Cooler Bags for your corporate events! TREA can source for alternative Custom Thermal Bags if you have an alternative preference! Speak to us now for an exclusive quote!