8 Customisable Lunch Boxes That Says About You!

Something to look forward to whether you are at work or in school, would either be your mealtime or dismissal time. A heartwarming lunch prepared from home by you or your loved ones will definitely be something to give you an extra boost! Out of tons of lunch boxes out there, are you the kind that uses mismatched coloured lunch boxes or sleek and stylish stainless steel lunch boxes? Here are 8 lunch boxes that say about a person!

1. Basic Solid Coloured PP Lunch Box 

Having this solid colour single-tier Custom Lunch Box Set is the most basic yet compact to pack your lunch in. Ideal for those who focus more on what is inside than what is on the outside. Not following the trends and just wanting to devour the food in the lunch box. An aesthetically pleasing lunch box might not make your lunch any more delicious, what is key will be having a leak-proof and secure lunch box that will not give way and destroy your belongings! This Single Tier PP Custom Lunch Box Set is best for one packed lunch, with all-around locks to secure your food in and anti-leak rubber to prevent leakage. This Custom Lunch Box Set is highly usable, practical and comes in 3 outstanding colours to give that pop of colour!

2. Two Tier Basic Solid Coloured PP Lunch Box 

An upgraded version of a basic lunch box, this Customised 2 Tier Basic Lunch Box Set is spacious for more food to be packed. With 2 tiers means for more ingredient to fuel you through the day, or even tea break packed to last you for the remaining hours! Simple on the outside but extravagant on in the inside, this double-sided closure Customised Lunch Box Set with anti-leak rubber to prevent leakage. Having the top tier with a divider to compartmentalise your dishes, this Customised Lunch Box Set can be for your meals in the office, school or even packed food for a family day out!

3. Eco Lunch Box Set

With everyone doing their part by using less plastic, the use of an Eco Lunch Box Set Printing has taken over the world! Not only having an educational value in cultivating the younger generation in helping our environment, but this Eco Lunch Box Set Printing is also sized just right for a smaller meal. Made with durable and lasting material, this eco lunch box will be able to withstand getting stuffed in backpacks or dropped in the canteen if you are packing food for the kids. With a top grab handle that can be folded down into the lunch box, there are 3 colours for your selection, comes with 2 compartments to have your dishes on.

4. Stainless Steel Lunch Container 

Even when you are not packing food from home, this Stainless Steel Container Printing will be ideal for your take away lunch break. 2 tier stainless steel lunch box are practical and can be reheated easily, you can even use one tier as a tea break container! This brightly coloured stainless steel lunch container is circular and can pack a good amount of food for your meal. Cute yet practical and brings a splash of colour to your day at work! A Stainless Steel Container Printing with a large printing surface for you to customise with your corporate branding or company identity is suitable for all ages and comes in 3 unique colours! No more accidentally bringing your child’s lunch box to work or having the same lunch box as anyone in the office!

5. Microwavable Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set

Loving a simple, durable and versatile lunch box? With a plus point of being able to microwave and have piping hot meals without the need to leave the office to queue for food? Not only suitable for office workers to pack food from home or used to take away lunch during their break time, but this highly versatile Microwavable Stainless Steel Lunch Box can also accompany you through your school years to your first few years at work! Perfectly sized for the main dish with compartments to store other side dishes, this will definitely be your go-to lunch box for all occasions. Comes in 4 colours and 2 different sizes for your selection, this Microwavable Stainless Steel Lunch Box also consist of a spoon and a pair of chopsticks that can be easily washed and reused. You can also choose the compartment in this lunch box! Highly versatile and suitable for a quick lunch or a fanciful lunch prepared from home!

6. Eco Wheat Fibre Lunch Box

Another favourite picked for eco-friendly lunch box would be the wheat fibre Eco Lunch Box Custom! Made with durable, safe to microwave and best for those who are mindful about the waste of plastic and not about the appearance of their lunch box. Plain and simple, but highly usable and practical, this lunch box comes in two colour and a top handle for convenience. The Eco Lunch Box Custom with a single compartment with an additional separator, allows more food to be packed in the lunch box. Features two fasten on the sides to close the lid tightly so your food can be fresh and to avoid unnecessary exposure.

7. Wheat Lunch Box w/ Cutleries

One of the headache when you have your hot piping delicious looking lunch right in front of you, but forgot all about cutleries? No more when you have the Custom Wheat Lunch Box that comes with a cutlery set! Comes with a pair of fork and spoon, this Custom Wheat Lunch Box is made with wheat fibre and PP, which is a more eco-friendly alternative as compared to pure plastic material. With an all-around clip closure to ensure freshness of your meal, minimises spillage and has a compartment on the lids for storage of your cutleries.

Custom Wheat Lunch Box

8. Light Meal Wheat Straw Container

Are traditional lunch boxes too bulky for you? Unable to pop those lunch boxes into your work bag? Need a trusty container to keep your soup piping hot? This Wheat Straw Soup Container Printing customisable with single or multiple colours print of your company branding. This soup container is made of wheat straw material which is an eco-friendly alternative to plastics. Biodegradable and BPA free, you can use the Wheat Straw Soup Container Printing to store your soup of light meals! Durable and trusty, this microwavable container has a rubber handle that provides a comfortable grip and can be sealed tightly to prevent leaking. The lid also has a steam release valve to let out extra moisture when you are reheating it up!

Which Lunch Box Speak To You The Most? 

With endless options when it comes to lunch boxes, it all boils down to priorities. Are you the kind who wants a fanciful feast of protein, veggies and even dessert all laid out in front of you? Or due to space contains, you need someone sleek and can fit into your bag? Be it sleek lunch boxes or bright and cheery lunch boxes, always remember to use BPA free, biodegradable, compartmentalised and consisting of a compartment to store your cutleries! Look no further for your next favourite lunch boxes for kids or even yourself! You can also take a look at our Custom Cooler Bag to keep your lunch box in or for use during a company day trip or even for family picnics!   TREA can source for suitable lunch boxes if you have an alternative preference! Speak to us now for an exclusive quote!