Hard Enamel Pins

Custom Hard Enamel Pins can be customised to your preferred dimension of your request. We have butterfly clutch and magnet clip for your selection. We are also able to add card backing or boxes to complete the whole gift. They are all custom from scratch with your given design and MOQ 100pc. We can do single-colour designs, multiple-colour designs and texts involving intricate details. However, for full-colour design, you can check out our Epoxy Pin!

Minimum order quantity of 100pc to customise Custom Hard Enamel Pin! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for wholesale rate now!


Custom Hard Enamel Pin is available to be customised to your preferred requirements. They are the most durable and versatile pins to work with. The clean, flat and lustrous finish of hard enamel pins leaves an impression of superior quality. Hard Enamel Pins are most recognisable from their smooth and flat outline and design. Aesthetic is the first thing that many customers see hence having a well-design and quality material will definitely make a small thoughtful gift, a bang for your recipients.

These high-quality pins prove to be popular as customised corporate gifts. This is a perfect gift for employees, events, schools and many more. As it perfectly displays your logo or design, enhancing customers’ favour with your brand or company. Additionally, it makes anyone wearing feel proud as it is like a mini medal for the recipents. Furthermore, It’s an amazing gift to stay “top of mind” with your customers after an event, following the conclusion of a fund-raising exercise, and even to maintain the enthusiasm of your team.

Additionally, you can design your own customised packaging box (sold separately) to complete the gift for your recipients.  Adding a card backing or packaging box, not only does it enhance your already well-designed pins. It is a way to evoke a feeling in your customers and recipients, whether it is to create an action for a cause or gain engagement for an event, this is definitely a way to seize your customer’s attention. You can always explore our Instagram @shopwithtrea for product inspiration and custom corporate gifts for your customers. We can do single-colour designs, multiple-colour designs and texts involving intricate details. For similar design Custom Enamel Pins, you can check out our Custom Soft Enamel Pin! We can also source many forms of Custom Enamel Pins in Singapore should you have an alternative preference. Speak to us today for a comprehensive customisation service!