Metal Keychain

Custom Metal Keychain is a decorative accessory for your bag, keys and pouch! It’s customisable to your preferred dimension and shape!

A minimum order quantity of 100pcs to customize your custom metal keychain, Wholesale prices are available!

Contact us for an exclusive rate for customization and bulk orders!



Custom Metal Keychain is an amazing memorable memento gift for all ages! Even though they are very common, Keychains are more than just decoration. It holds lots of sentimental value to many recipents. It could be used as a holiday memento or a memory of your favourite band or a trip with your best friend. Additionally, It’s a great reminder of where you have placed your keys at. All in all, this is a small yet heartfelt gift that you can give. Moreover, It can be used as a collectable if you have a series of keychains. What’s great is we can customise your keychain to any dimension, or shape you want and even the chains too! So go get loose with your ideas!

Want to pop off your gifts? Include a customised packaging box (sold separately) with your gorgeous keychain for your recipients, clients and customers! This can elevate your recipient’s gift-receiving experience. How? Everyone loves gifts. However, the best part of gift-giving is the unboxing experience. Undoubtedly, this will leave a memorable impression on any client. Additionally, you can promote your business by having your message or logo printed on the card backing or packaging box. To create more engagement with your social media, brand, company and organisation. This is the time to let your customers bring home more than just a gift, but a memory!

We can do single, multiple and full-colour printing of any design you want! If you are looking for double-sided printing, you can check out our acrylic keychain printing! We can also source other forms of Custom Metal Keychain in Singapore should you have an alternative preference. You can always explore our Instagram @shopwithtrea for more product inspiration and custom corporate gifts for your customers. Speak to us today for a comprehensive customisation service!