Button Badge

Custom Button Badge Printing are an excellent souvenir for your events and ceremony. Our standard button badge size at 58mm wide. Custom printing is available to print single-colour designs, multiple colours, gradient designs, texts and photography images.

Minimum order quantity of 100pcs required for Button Badge Printing, customisable with any design at wholesale prices.

Contact us for exclusive wholesale rates for bulk orders!



Button Badge Printing is available to customise to your requirements and needs. These badges are excellent souvenirs to gift to participants of your events and celebrations. We can print in single-colour, different colour gradient designs, texts and photography images. So unleash your creative designs with us today! Our standard button badge size is 58mm wide. If you are looking for a different size, fret not. With our customisation service, we can tailor the size of the button badge to your required dimensions.

Button badges though small in size are the perfect promotional tool! These badges are a great way to raise awareness and engagement for your event, campaign or concert giveaway. Many people wear these badges on their outerwear, hats or backpacks. Making it a walking advertisement for your brand. Not only that, it can be used as a corporate gift for your employees. It can help customers recognise your employees and strengthen your brand awareness.

To spice up your button badge gift! You can design your own customized packaging box (sold separately) to complete your gift. Adding a card backing or packaging box can enhance your badges as well as provide additional space. Where you can add your social media contacts to make reaching out as simple as just a scan of a QR code. Allowing your recipients to understand your services and brand well. With all these features, this gift will leave a strong impression on any customer’s mind. We can print your button badge in single-colour designs, different colour gradient designs, texts and photography images. On top of that, we can also source other forms of Button Badge Printing in Singapore should you have an alternative preference. You can always explore our Instagram @shopwithtrea for product inspiration and custom corporate gifts for your customers and clients. Speak to us today for a comprehensive customisation service!