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When your appreciation for art translates into a bag that is executed well, you know you are looking at a masterpiece. This reversible customised canvas tote bag was specially made for our client, Gillman Barracks, for their annual event ‘Art After Dark’. The bag has a reversible feature with printed designs on each side.

The idea was to have 2 different designs on a single bag so users have the luxury of choosing the design they want to carry. One side of the bag features a patterned design emulating the windows of the famous Gillman Barracks building throughout the bag, presumably at night.

reversible canvas bag

The reverse side features much simpler prints with the text ‘GILLMAN BARRACKS’ and a  design of the overall building.

gilman barracks tote bag
gilman barracks tote bag

Even though only one ink colour was used to produce the bag, we had to use dye sublimation instead of the conventional silk screen printing method. The repeating and intricate lines in the design work was not ideal for the latter as the little details would have caused the ink to smudge.

gilman barracks custom canvas totebag

Another reason to use dye sublimation is in the construction of the bag. In dye sublimation, ink is being transferred into the cells of the polyester canvas fabric leaving a smooth surface texture. A reversible custom canvas totebag is made by having two layers of 10oz canvas sheets sewn together into a single bag. Using any other print methods would risk damaging the prints. Especially along the edges when sewing the sheets of canvas together.

gilman barracks custom canvas totebag

Another challenge we faced was aligning the patterns from the separate canvas sheets as this had to be manually done. However, we manage to produce a finished product close to perfection.

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