4 Types of Custom Enamel Pin As Corporate Gift

Custom Enamel Pin has always been loved by many due to the never-ending possibilities of how you can wear them as a statement or identity fashion piece.

And the beauty of it? It pretty much goes along with everything you wear. EVERYTHING. Do you feel like your corporate team building would be stronger with everyone having the same identity? Stick a corporate enamel pin on your briefcases and handbags and have everyone be proud of your team’s identity. Preparing yourself to head out to meet your friends this morning for coffee and feel that your denim jacket feels plain and you want some extra flair to it? Slap one or two enamel pins on it and add some color to your today. Raising awareness for a project you are currently working on? An eye-catching enamel pin on your cap everywhere you go, and you’re now a walking advertisement without having to pay for the costs of having an advertisement.

With the ways to mix and match colours, shapes, and sizes available for the enamel pin design, you can show the world what matters to you and what you stand for with these fun-sized statement pieces! With how small and LOW COST these are, it is easy for you to package them along with your other corporate gifts and for you to carry them around while building an identity for your teams, companies, and interest groups.

So, how do you choose what is the most suitable type of custom enamel pins for you guys? Let’s take a look at the differences between the different types of enamel pins.

1. Soft Enamel Pin

Custom soft enamel pins are personally my favourite due to them being the most versatile yet having lower costs to produce compared to the other types of enamel pins. Going into touch feel and looks, your fingers can definitely feel the edges of the slightly raised metal corners, giving it a very slight pop-up look to it. Now, how this is produced is having a layer of enamel (melted glossy type of glass) being poured onto the finished metal plating and heated then frozen, resulting in the enamel portion being beneath and within the slightly raised metal corners of the metal pin. This type of pin is medium durability and prone to scratches, but they are the most versatile in terms of design availability. Allowing many different types of colours and designs, this is a popular and easy-to-choose type of pin. Our recommendation? Perhaps do take note to wear on areas that would potentially have the LEAST amount of contact with hard surfaces. We’re talking about situations like having pins placed at areas where they will be safer from “scratchy-uncertainty” like wearing it to a company event on your blazer.

Otherwise, if you are not too particular about scratches and durability, the soft enamel pin is great to choose if you are spoiled with choices and do not know which one to pick from, considering this is on the more cost-effective side, yet also being versatile in design!

2. Hard Enamel Pin

Custom hard enamel pins are smooth to the touch. Oh so smooth. It really is very satisfying for me to feel and push with my fingers as I type this article while having one of these on my work desk to touch during my break time, almost like a fidget cube (one of those press and destress cube things) sort of satisfaction. Talking about touch, it feels close to completely flat from the center to the edges of the metal plating, whereas the enamel is just about level with the corners, giving it a smooth, flat, and polished look. The method hard enamel pins are produced is very similar to soft enamel ones, except that the process of enamel being poured onto the metal pin is repeated, and then polished and smoothened to the same level as the metal edges. With that being said, this is slightly more expensive compared to the soft enamel pins, and you would have to consider the fact that these have colour restrictions (contact us for more information and discussion on this) BUT they are definitely more premium looking. Plus, this is highly durable and scratch-prone, making it a good choice if you plan to hang it on your briefcase, hiking backpack, or go places where there will be higher traffic of people with more chances of scratches. The premium outlook of hard custom enamel pin, makes it a better choice if you want it to be a recognition or award piece to raise the morale of your wearers, might I say?

3. Epoxy Pin

These are GLOSSY. Our custom epoxy pins have a reflective surface to them, and I believe I can use these as mirrors for my daily hairstyle if these pins were big enough and had a plain design to them. And the best part? These have the LOWEST costs to produce. They have a rounded dome-shaped flat surface and are smooth to the touch as well, whereas the wordings and logo design on them are completely flat but easy on the eyes. Production-wise, once the enamel is poured onto the metal pins, they are then coated with epoxy resin (a form of plastic), which definitely helps with protecting the design so that the design within stays intact and does not fade or get stained. If you have more intricate and detailed designs in mind which involves having a photo or different gradients of colours while also wanting to keep costs low, I would say this is the choice to go for.

4. 3D Metal Pin

Now, this is an interesting one. Our custom 3D metal pins have some weight to them, and the design REALLY pops out. They have the most sophisticated look out of all the pins that we have mentioned, and it is almost as if the pins are able to come to life with how realistic they look. When tracing your fingers on them, you are able to feel every single millimetre of the design’s fine lines. These are produced with a custom mould according to the kind of design you desire, then injected with Zinc alloy metal to carefully trace out the details, and then cooled and hardened to have a quality finish. These are high in durability and can last for years, and would be a great choice if your design in mind requires a more than 2-layered look while keeping it classy. While the colour selection is limited to 2 to 3 colour choices in a 3D metal pin design, these look fantastic in gold or silver when paired with that 3D elaborate design. For corporate group members or groups, this is an excellent selection as a recognition award towards the people you value and love, letting them know that the hard work they have put in deserves your appreciation.

The custom enamel pins mentioned above come in a standard butterfly clutch or magnetic clip to hold them in place. In case you are worried about having any of your LV branded bags or a fancy long-sleeved shirt with a hole on it, we have you covered with the magnetic clips so you can have a good sleep knowing that your valuables are hole-free. So, what’s the next step after you have decided on which type of pins you would like to order from us? Here at TREA we have several packaging choices ranging from plastic boxes with transparent covers to velvet boxes, depending on the event you require. Speak to us and let’s have a discussion on how we can create your identity or strengthen your desired statements for you today!