PVC Zipper Folder Printing (SF03)

PVC Zipper Folder Printing is an ideal corporate gift suitable for a wide range of industries, available in 4 colours and with a single compartment zip closure, you can store your documents, daily essentials, and use it as a compartment bag in your work bag. Customisable with your corporate branding, making it an ideal gift for partners, clients and even employees.

  • Material: PVC
  • Dimension: 33cm(L) x 24cm(H)
  • Colour: Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Pink
  • Single Compartment Zipper Closure

Minimum order quantity of 50pc required for the PVC Zipper Folder Printing, any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

Contact us for exclusive wholesale rate for bulk order!



PVC Zipper Folder Printing¬†is available in 4 colours, made with high-quality PVC material for storing your documents and notes. This folder will keep your notes neat and tidy. Moreover, act as a compartment for your document when you place them in your work bag. With it’s compact size, it can easily slide into bag compartments or be held comfortably on hand.

In an education setting, this gift comes in handy. Students are able to assign their different documents, like homework, form and many more based on the different colours of the folders. Furthermore, through organising their documents it develops a good habit in them. This prompts them to be more efficient and productive in their studies and this applies to working too. Additionally, this is a good gift for teachers to prepare and group their teaching materials for students.

PVC Zipper Folder Printing

In this current age, businesses are constantly thinking of successful ways to further market their company to stand out from competitors. Folder printing is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to market your brand and business. It is a subtle but effective strategy. For businesses, having a corporate branded folder helps strengthen the brand image and identity which strengthens brand awareness. From the client’s point of view, when they see a branded folder in meetings it shows that your business is well prepared. Also, it is great for sending documents or handing out important information at conferences and meetings.

PVC Zipper Folder Printing can be customised with silkscreen printing of your corporate branding, company logo or preferred design or to suit your design requirement. We can also source other types of PVC Files Printing designs should you have an alternative preference. Speak to us for a quote.