Vacuum Flask (VF30)

Insulated Vacuum Flask Printing (VF30) comes in 4 different colours. It has a push-button cap, matt finishing and double-walled insulation properties. This product is available for customisation in single-colour, multiple colours, and full-colour printing of your branding/logo.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Colour: Black, Red, Pink, Turquoise
  • Properties: +/- 12hr Keep Warm
  • Packaging: Box

Minimum order quantity of 50pcs required for Insulated Vacuum Flask Printing (VF30), wholesale price applies!

Contact us for an exclusive wholesale rate for bulk orders!



Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages

Insulated Vacuum Flask Printing can keep your drinks warm/cold for up to 12 hours! It’ll take a long while for it to reach lukewarm status due to its insulation properties. So, you can drink with satisfaction as you go about your day! Having it made of stainless steel material also comes with plenty of benefits. For us as consumers, it ensures that we stay free from harmful chemicals! Such as rust, corrosion and staining which provides no space for bacteria and mould to hide. Not only does this mean it is safe to drink, but it is also easy to maintain! You won’t have to spend ages cleaning the smooth surfaces of the material!

This vacuum flask’s cap ensures your beverage is fully secured when travelling. It has a push button that makes opening a vacuum flask even easier. Additionally, it has a spout that makes drinking and pouring drinks hassle-free. The design also ensures the cap stays open and doesn’t interrupt the flow of the drink.

Vacuum flask printing singapore_VF30
Vacuum Flask_VF30_INNER VIEW

Sustainable in style

Insulated Vacuum Flask Printing comes in 4 unique colours. Each one can match your corporate identity or the event you are hosting. It’s great for businesses that want to present themselves as modern and fun.

With the increased effort to be more environmentally friendly, businesses can look into purchasing more reusable and sustainable gifts. In this current age, consumers are more environmentally conscious. Thus, not only can you use promotional gifts to market your business but also show customers that your company values sustainability.

Our Service

Looking for eco-friendly corporate gifts? Our custom vacuum flasks and glass bottles will come in handy for such situations! Start your customisation for your brand just by sending us a quote! If you like to learn more about the process, call us or email us your enquiry!