Stationery Set with PVC Pouch 4-in-1 (Custom from Scratch!)

Stationery Set with PVC Pouch 4-in-1 holds the standard writing instruments for your student’s needs.

  • Dimension: standard size for pen, ruler and eraser; 25cm x 15cm for clip pouch or custom with your own dimension
  • Printing: Single-colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing
  • Items Included: Pencil, Ruler, Eraser, PVC Pouch
  • Additional items: Sharpener, L shape file or any items you wish to add!

Minimum order quantity of 200 sets for our Stationery Set with PVC Pouch 4-in-1! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

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Customize your Stationery Set Printing Singapore

We can tailor your stationery gift set to suit your requirements and needs! Our stationery set includes the basic writing instruments a pencil, a ruler, and an eraser. Moreover, it also comes with a PVC clip pouch or stationery box to wrap your stationeries all up. We can tailor-make both the clip pouch and stationery box to the dimension you prefer. This works especially great if you want to store pamphlets and leaflets together with your stationeries! What’s even better is you can add additional items like a sharpener or L-shape file that works best for your customers.

Amazing promotional gift set

The amazing thing about a stationery set as a promotional gift. Is that it can be used by many industries and for any occasion. It is also one of those gifts that will be used every day by everyone. By having your logo seen daily, your customers will be constantly reminded of your brand. You can even enhance your engagement with your customers. By having a QR code printed on the pouch to link your social media accounts and website. So your customers can reach out to you with a quick scan!

On top of that, stationery sets are perfect for schools and education centres. These sets are usually used as freebies to foster a relationship with their students and parents. Students won’t have any missing stationeries anymore. One of our clients in the education sector added inspiring messages to motivate their students. There are many ways to market your brand. Get your stationery set printing done today!

Stand out with our Stationery Set Printing in Singapore

If you have unique stationery you want to include in your Stationery Set Merchandise, it’s doable! We can source it for you. Contact us now for a comprehensive customisation service! In the meanwhile, you can check out our Instagram @shopwithtrea. Get inspired by our latest custom products that we have done for our clients!