PU Passport Boarding Pass Holder (Custom from Scratch!)

Custom Passport Holder is a handy compartment for your passport and boarding pass! It’s available to customize to your preferred dimension and in various thicknesses! This product is available for customisation in single-colour, multiple colours, debossing or hot stamping of your branding/logo.

  • Material: PU leather available in different texture & wide range of color choice
  • Dimension: Regular size xxcm(W) x xxcm(H) or custom with your own dimension

Minimum order quantity of 100pc for our custom passport holder! Any design can be printed, wholesale price applies!

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Custom Passport Holder for your brand

Hold your documents and passport neatly with a passport holder! This holder can be customized to your preferred texture, colour, dimension and even include additional features! For you to match with your brand identity. The holder is produced with the use of heavy duty PU leather. Which we have in different textures and a wide range of colour and choices for you to select. Our standard passport holder size comes in 11cm width by 19cm height. Should you have a preferred size let us know!

Include additional features

Not to mention the features are all customisable. The passport holder is tightly secured using a metal clip button. You can choose other closures like magnet button and bands. In the interior, it features a pen holder to store your pen or stylus. And 6 pockets for you to store documents, passport and money. With its flat and compact design, it can easily slide into your travel bags. So feel free to create the perfect passport holder for your customers. Chat with us to get a comprehensive consultation service today!

Moreover, you can choose to have your design printed or pop out! The pop out effect is very eye-catching. For the pop out effect, your recipients can get to feel the outline of the design. Which will strike your recipients attention. For a 2D effect, the logo is printed directly on the silicone. It has a flat and smooth look.

Choose your printing

For our passport holder, we have 3 types of printing methods. Firstly is single and multiple color printing. The design is printed directly on to the holder, giving it a two dimensional look. Second printing method is debossing. Debossing is when the design is stamped down giving it a recessed look. The last printing method is hot stamping. It is done by transferring pre-dried ink or foils to the surface at high temperatures. Hot Stamping is commonly used on premium leather products. It will give your product this sophisticated classy look.

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To start your customisation service, chat with our product experts for a comprehensive customisation service! Should you have other travel merchandise you are looking for. Not to worry! We can source and custom make your gifts from scratch too!