Insulated Food Bag with Button

Custom Insulated Food Bag to keep your food fresh after grocery shopping! It’s fully customisable to suit your needs and requirements!

  • Material: Laminated Non-Woven
  • Dimension: Custom with your own dimension
  • Printing: Single colour, multiple colours or full-colour printing
  • Comes with single or double clip button

A minimum order quantity of 3000pcs to customize your Custom Insulated Food Bag, Wholesale prices are available!

Contact us for an exclusive rate for customization and bulk orders!



Custom Insulated Food Bag is a premium alternative to plastic shopping bags. It’s a lightweight, convenient grocery bag to shop with. After grocery shopping, the last you want is for your groceries not to be as fresh due to you missing out on this insulated food bag. This food bag is made with laminated non-woven material which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, giving your design more vibrancy and colour. On top of that, we can customise this bag the way you want it! You can choose whether you want a single or double clip button to secure your food in the food bag. Furthermore, we can tailor this insulated bag to your preferred dimensions!

Nothing is more perfect than a custom-insulated food bag for your product promotion. It is a great premium alternative to plastic bags. Where you get the best of both worlds. It includes the benefit of insulating material to keep food fresh. Moreover, it is reusable and eco-friendly. Many consumers becoming more conscious of what they are purchasing. A high-quality, practical gift will definitely grasp their attention!

You can do giveaways with this Custom insulated food bag. It will definitely bring attention to your brand. Also, more and more consumers becoming more conscious of what they are buying. Turning your packaging towards a more reusable and sustainable alternative. Can definitely make your brand stand out among your competitors as well as improve your brand image. So unleash your ideas with us today!

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